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    Assumption Parish Bus Accident Lawyer

    If you or a loved one are injured by a bus accident, you need to know you are not alone. An experienced Assumption Parish bus accident lawyer can help you identify damages in your case and construct a thorough settlement demand to recover compensation. A skilled personal injury attorney can also guide you throughout the legal process and answer your concerns. Call today to schedule a consultation.

    Assumption Parish Bus Accident Laws

    The majority of bus accident injuries occur to passengers on school buses and city transit buses. Some such injuries also occur when a pedestrian, bicyclist, or motor vehicle occupant is struck by a bus. When this happens, it is important for the injured individual to seek medical attention and then contact an Assumption Parish bus accident lawyer.

    What is The Statute of Limitations for Bus Accident Cases in Assumption Parish?

    In general, Louisiana has a one-year statute of limitations for personal injuries. An injured person must settle their claim or file a lawsuit within one year, or they may lose their right to seek compensation.

    It is important to note, however, that school districts and cities can be considered governmental entities. They may have legal limits imposed on the amount an injured person may recover for their damages. In addition, Louisiana law provides that while public entities no longer have sovereign immunity, these public bodies are exempt from execution which may create problems or delays in getting paid on a claim as against such an entity.

    Potential Parties Responsible for Bus Accident Personal Injuries

    Injured bus passengers are seldom if ever, found to be responsible for their injuries. Usually, a claim is brought against the bus driver and the company they work for. A claim may also be brought against any other vehicle driver involved who bears some degree of fault for the incident.

    An experienced Assumption Parish bus accident attorney can help plaintiffs explore all potential avenues for financial compensation. For example, a city or municipality may be liable for a bus accident because of poor road maintenance, a defective traffic signal, or poor roadway design.

    Recovering Financial Compensation After a Bus Accident

    An experienced bus accident lawyer in Assumption Parish can evaluate the injured individual’s potential claims at their first meeting. After a person retains the legal professional, a skilled attorney could:

    • Determine the facts of the accident
    • Take steps to document and preserve evidence of wrongdoing or liability
    • Determine the client’s injuries, medical needs and economic losses such as medical bills and lost wages
    • Determine who may be responsible for the accident, and contact each of these parties to notify them of the victim’s claim for injuries
    • Monitor the injured person’s medical recovery and document the impact of the personal injuries on the individual’s lifestyle and wellbeing
    • Present a claim for full compensation for actual damages such as medical bills and lost wages and for general damages such as pain and suffering caused by the personal injury

    What are the Advantages of Negotiating and Settling vs. Going to Trial?

    Bus accident claims are ready for settlement when the injured individual has recovered fully from their injuries, or when permanent injuries have become stable and the extent of damages can be determined. Most cases involve a period of negotiation, during which the claim may often be settled without filing a lawsuit. If no settlement is reached or the statute of limitations begins to run out, an Assumption Parish bus accident attorney can file a lawsuit against all responsible parties.

    Get Help from an Assumption Parish Bus Accident Attorney

    If you suffered an injury while riding on a bus or from a crash that a bus driver caused, personalized legal assistance is just a phone call away. Get in touch with an Assumption Parish bus accident lawyer today to schedule a private consultation and start exploring your available legal options.