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    Calculating a Hammond Car Accident Settlement

    Calculating a settlement amount for a car wreck case is a collaborative process between the injured party and their attorney. There are several factors that influence a settlement amount, but ultimately it is your decision as the injured party to accept or decline an offer for compensation. A knowledgeable attorney can walk you through the process of calculating a Hammond car accident settlement and ensure that you are properly represented. Call today to set up a consultation.

    How is a Settlement Calculated?

    When calculating a settlement, insurance companies are looking at a few things. Factors that can impact a settlement amount include:

    • Whether an injury is permanent
    • The extent of injuries sustained
    • Future required medical treatment
    • Lost wages or inability to work
    • Mental pain and anguish
    • Pain and suffering

    While losses such as hospital bills and rehabilitation may be relatively easy to assign a dollar amount to, emotional damages are tougher to calculate. During settlement negotiations, a Hammond attorney will need to present to the insurer how the injured party has suffered as a result of the car crash. Often, an attorney will compare an individual’s injuries to those of a similar case in the state to show what an appropriate damages award would be. The more evidence that a lawyer has on hand to display the extent of an injured party’s injuries, the better chance that person has at receiving an optimal settlement.

    The Effect of Negligence on a Settlement Amount

    Hammond is a pure comparative negligence jurisdiction. This means that if the injured party also contributed in part to the accident, their damages award will be reduced accordingly. Comparative fault can arise in many different situations, for example, driving too fast or not keeping a proper lookout before being struck by another vehicle. Because having some fault in a car wreck could reduce an individual’s settlement amount, it is important to consult with an attorney who can present their case to insurance companies in the best possible light.

    How Can an Attorney Help Determine a Settlement Value?

    When settling an auto wreck case, an attorney has valuable insight and years of expertise. A lawyer can help with pinpointing the cause of the accident and establishing why it is important. In some cases, a crash might occur because a truck driver was not properly trained by their employer, or because a motorist was intoxicated.

    What may seem like a simple crash case could have many underlying aspects of liability, which can significantly impact the amount that the defendant is willing to settle for. A skilled Hammond attorney can ensure that liability is thoroughly investigated in a vehicle collision case and calculate a settlement amount that reflects the cause of the accident.

    Learn More about Calculating a Car Accident Settlement in Hammond

    The aftermath of a car wreck can be incredibly overwhelming without the added stress of going to trial. If you are considering settling your vehicle crash case, there are many factors that will go into determining a damages award that properly compensates your injuries and other losses.

    A knowledgeable attorney can assist you with calculating a Hammond car accident settlement. Our team has extensive experience with auto collision cases and can negotiate with insurers on your behalf to get you the compensation you deserve. To learn more about what we can do for you, reach out today.