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    Houma Natural Disaster Claims Lawyer

    When natural disasters strike, the benefits paid through your insurance policies are meant to protect you from extreme financial hardship. From auto policies to homeowners’ insurance, this coverage could be life-changing in the aftermath of a disaster.

    Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always operate in good faith. Carriers often deny claims without reason, leaving individuals high and dry to deal with expensive property fixes. If your carrier is unfairly denying your claim after a natural disaster, a skilled attorney can help you hold them accountable. Learn about your options during a consultation with a Houma natural disaster claims lawyer.

    Understanding Natural Disaster Damage

    Natural disasters vary, and the damage that comes with them can vary as well. Hurricanes often lead to roof damage, Vehicles, fences, and power lines are also commonly damaged in natural disasters.

    Insurance policies are designed to cover damage resulting from hurricanes, or other natural disasters. While this might be the purpose of an insurance policy, the ultimate goal of an insurer is to make money. In an effort to maximize their profits, insurers frequently deny valid claims for benefits or drag their feet during the claims process. A Houma attorney can help a homeowner or business owner pursue legal action when an insurer acts in bad faith regarding a natural disaster claim.

    The Natural Disaster Claims Process

    There is a process that policyholders must follow when seeking benefits after a natural disaster. It is important to follow all of the steps required by the terms of an insurance policy, as a failure to do so could result in the denial of a claim.

    The first step in the process is for the policyholder to file a claim with their insurance company. It is not enough to make a claim and assume it will be handled. Policyholders should make a record of their communications with the insurance company. This could be useful in the future if the carrier acts in bad faith. It is also vital to document the damage done to the property. The more photos of disaster-related damage, the less likely it is for the insurance companies to be able to avoid paying out a claim. From there, it is a matter of waiting for a response from the insurance company.

    Although taking the proper steps to file a claim reduces an insurer’s opportunity to act in bad faith, carriers may still cause unreasonable delays or intentionally mislead their insured. A Houma attorney who specializes in bad faith cases can help an individual who is dealing with an uncooperative insurer after a natural disaster.

    Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Natural Disaster Claims?

    There are countless excuses an insurance company could use to justify the denial of an insurance claim. Some make these denials on technical grounds. For example, a claim could be denied if it is filed too late.

    Other reasons for a denial can be more subjective. Insurance companies often claim that damage occurred prior to a natural disaster. In those cases, the damage would not be covered under the policy. A lawyer can use evidence from the property to establish that a natural disaster claim denial was in bad faith.

    A Houma Natural Disaster Claims Attorney is Here for You

    Natural disasters are life-altering events. You might be dealing with severe damage to your home, vehicle, and belongings as well, as significant emotional strain. While insurance policies are supposed to protect you in these instances, this is unfortunately not always the case.

    If you are living with the aftermath of a disaster, you do not have to pursue benefits from your insurance company alone. A Houma natural disaster claims lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you deserve through a bad faith claim. Reach out to a dedicated member of our team to get started.