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    Identifying Types of Hurricane Damage in Houma

    Hurricanes are known for causing rampant damage throughout the state, but the type of property damage that can occur varies. This is due in part to the differing severities of these storms. The nature of hurricane damage also depends on the specific weather effects that occur.

    If you are planning to pursue an insurance claim, it is helpful to have some guidance with identifying types of hurricane damage in Houma. An experienced attorney can help you pursue the benefits you deserve if your insurance company handles your hurricane damage claim in bad faith.

    Types of Damage Often Caused by Hurricanes

    Homes, businesses, and countless other properties in Houma are often wiped out by hurricanes. There are countless types of damage that buildings could undergo during a storm.

    Structural Damage

    Heavy winds can cause significant structural damage in a short period of time. This structural damage could lead to shattered windows, broken doors, fallen walls, collapsed roofs, and fallen chimneys.


    Fire is common during a hurricane. A fallen powerline or a broken gas main could cause a home to ignite, resulting in a complete loss of the property.

    Water Damage

    Water damage is a common occurrence following a hurricane. This damage could result from hurricane rains entering the house or building or in the days that follow. In many cases, water damage is at its worst in the days following the storm.

    While this damage could be devastating for many homeowners, it is important to remember that insurance policies often cover these losses. Not every type of damage will fall under a standard homeowner’s policy, however. This is why it is vital to secure additional coverage that will pay for fire, flooding, or wind damage caused by a hurricane.

    How Hurricane Damage Happens

    Not all hurricanes are the same, and some properties are damaged in different ways than others. The nature of the damage will largely depend on the severity of the hurricane. Hurricanes fall into different categories. Category I hurricanes are the least dangerous, while Category V storms are the most extreme weather possible. Category V storms tend to cause the most damage, often resulting in severe flooding and ruined property.

    Strong winds are often the cause of many types of hurricane damage to Houma properties. Hurricane winds could shatter windows, destroy a roof, or collapse a building entirely. Severe wind can have secondary effects as well, such as fires due to downed power lines or ruptured gas lines.

    Work with a Skilled Attorney to Identify Types of Hurricane Damage in Houma

    If you have experienced property damage due to a hurricane, you could be entitled to benefits through your insurance policy. Even if your policy covers the damage, insurance companies are rarely quick to pay out benefits. A knowledgeable lawyer can assist with identifying types of hurricane damage in Houma and help you pursue compensation from a difficult insurer.

    The aftermath of a hurricane is difficult enough without a legal headache. Let a dedicated attorney advocate for you and ensure you receive the payments you need from your insurance company. Call right away to get started.