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    Houma Rollover Truck Accident Lawyer 

    If you have been injured in a rollover truck accident, it is normal to feel confused and angry. You may even be dealing with painful injuries. Fortunately, you may be able to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions in civil court, and you may even be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries.

    To obtain this compensation, you will more than likely need to hire an experienced Houma rollover truck accident lawyer to represent you in court. If you are considering legal action, read the following information before contacting a dedicated attorney.

    Why Do Trucks Roll Over?

    Contrary to popular belief, larger vehicles, especially trucks carrying large amounts of cargo are more prone to turning over than passenger vehicles. The more a vehicle weighs, the more likely it is to overturn, even if it is not carrying any cargo. In addition to weight, the following factors can also cause a truck to turn over on the highway:

    • Sharp turns and steep curves
    • Driving at high speeds
    • Lack of driver experience
    • Low visibility levels
    • Inclement weather

    Lack of visibility is the primary reason that rollover accidents occur at night. Many rollover accidents could also be prevented if trucking companies would take the time and energy to properly train their drivers. If a person is injured in a rollover truck accident, they will need help from a Houma attorney.

    The Risks of Over and Underloading Vehicles

    Large trucks are more prone to roll over than other vehicles, but there are certain types of trucks that are more likely to roll over than others. Overloaded trucks pose an extremely high risk to drivers, as well as underloaded trucks. Tankers that are partially full also pose this risk, and if the tank is carrying a toxic or flammable substance, a simple crash can become deadly. As any rollover truck accident attorney knows, it is the responsibility of the trucking company to ensure the cargo of a truck is inspected and properly loaded.

    Rollover Accident Injuries

    Trucks are extremely large in comparison to passenger vehicles, and when an accident occurs, the occupants of the passenger vehicle will usually fare much worse than the truck driver. Rollover accidents are serious, and victims often sustain extensive injuries that require expensive medical care. Accident injuries such as cuts, nerve damage, concussions, bruises, and fractured bones are common, and in the most serious crashes, victims can sustain the following injuries:

    If a victim sustains any of the injuries listed above, they will likely need lifelong medical care. In addition to physical injury, victims must often deal with trauma and emotional damage after an accident. If someone has sustained severe physical or emotional damages because of a rollover truck accident, a Houma attorney could help them pursue compensation for their avoidable harm.

    Contact a Houma Rollover Truck Accident Attorney Today

    If you are considering taking legal action after a rollover truck accident, you may need help from a seasoned Houma rollover truck accident lawyer. Taking on a large trucking company on your own can be overwhelming, but an experienced attorney can help. Contact Kopfler & Hermann today to speak with an attorney about your unique case.