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    Lafourche Parish Tugboat Accident Lawyer

    In a sentence, tugboats are often tasked with helping ships or other maritime vessels get from one place in the water to another. More generally, they are used for everything from directing cruise ships and helping container ships navigate rivers and ports to responding to emergencies at sea and assisting when needed. As useful as they are, tugboats may pose serious threats to those who work on or around them, and tugboat accidents leading to severe injuries or even death are unfortunately common. If you were injured in an incident involving a tugboat, an experienced Lafourche Parish tugboat accident lawyer may be able to help. A dedicated maritime injury attorney can review the facts surrounding a person’s case and potentially help an injured person pursue compensation.

    How do Tugboat Accidents Happen?

    Perhaps one reason that tugboat accidents happen so frequently is that there are many types of accidents that can occur. Common accidents that Lafourche Parish tugboat accident attorneys often deal with may include:

    • Capsizing – when operational problems occur on a tugboat, capsizing is a real threat—and even worse, often a fatal one
    • Mechanical breakdowns – ladders could break, power can be lost, and equipment may become defective on tugboats, any of which are situations that can lead to several different types of accidents and injuries
    • Onboard hazards – many accidents are linked to wet, slick surfaces on tugboats, as well as improper training and poorly maintained safety equipment
    • Collisions with other vessels – when tugboats are operated by unqualified crewmembers, have poorly maintained navigational gear, or cannot be seen by larger sea vessels due to their small size, deadly accidents can occur

    Federal Maritime Laws

    The United States generally offers special protection to those who work in the tugboat industry under its maritime laws. For example, 28 US Code §1333 gives injured seamen the right to file a claim in federal or state court and to sue more than one liable party for their injuries, even if one party is only liable for a small part in their injury. Consulting with a seasoned Lafourche Parish tugboat accident lawyer can help potential plaintiffs learn more about how federal laws apply to their case.

    Maintenance and Cure

    When a maritime worker is injured on the job, they are usually entitled to maintenance and cure benefits. These benefits should be available no matter how or when the accident happened, as long as the employee receiving them was working when it occurred.

    Maintenance provides for daily living expenses such as utilities, mortgage or rent, food, and taxes during the recovery period. Cure, on the other hand, provides for payment of any associated medical expenses such as doctor visits, medications, examinations, rehabilitation, and any necessary special medical equipment. It should also cover travel expenses for medical appointments.

    Talk to a Lafourche Parish Tugboat Accident Attorney

    If you were injured in a tugboat accident, being aware of your legal rights and options can help you make the best decisions going forward with your life. You should seek medical care for your injuries, so seeking legal care to protect your rights only makes sense.

    A seasoned Lafourche Parish tugboat accident lawyer can help you understand how the law applies to your case and what rights you have. The sooner you discuss the details of your case with a qualified attorney, the better chances you have of recovering compensation for your damages. Call today to secure the legal representation you deserve.