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    Morgan City Deckhand Maritime Injury Lawyer 

    Deckhands are responsible for cleaning, repairing, and moving items on the decks of commercial and privately-owned vessels. They may also be responsible for serving passengers and performing other tasks as well. Despite their responsibilities, most people agree that working on a ship deck is hard work.

    Unfortunately, employers of deckhands do not always value their employees, and when their employees are injured in an unsafe environment, a Morgan City deckhand maritime injury lawyer may need to get involved. The laws regarding injuries that occur in the open sea can be complex, and injured deckhands may need help from an experienced attorney.

    Maritime Employer Obligations

    Contrary to popular belief, employers have an obligation to their employees, and when they do not take these obligations seriously, they should face the legal consequences.

    When a company hires a deckhand, they know they are hiring a person who is going to do very hard work. They also know they are hiring a person who will be exposed to a plethora of safety hazards on a regular basis. For this reason, employers are responsible for:

    • Ensuring all their employees have access to appropriate safety and protective gear.
    • Providing safety training to all employees.
    • Showing employees what actions to take in the event of an emergency.
    • Keeping track of all injuries that occur, and reporting them to the appropriate government agencies or institutions.
    • Ensuring the chances of an accident occurring are as low as possible.

    Accidents are inevitable, but when they occur because the owner of the dock refuses to use common sense, victims should contact a Morgan City deckhand maritime injury lawyer at once.

    Potential Financial Compensation

    As mentioned above, deckhands are exposed to a variety of safety hazards on a daily basis, and in certain cases, they can file suit if they sustain an injury. Serious injuries can be life-changing, and in the most extreme circumstances, they can prevent an employee from returning to work.

    Some injuries may even require a victim to receive lifelong medical care. For this reason, injured workers may be able to receive compensation for the following after an accident on deck:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional turmoil
    • Loss of income
    • Everyday living expenses
    • Medical bills

    Medical bills can be remarkably high.  The General Maritime Law, which covers deckhands suffering injury while in the service of the vessel are assigned, requires the employer to pay all medical bills. Injured deckhands will need to hire a deckhand maritime injury attorney to require the employer to follow the law and pay for their cure.

    Accepting a Settlement

    Dealing with a large company can be intimidating, and victims often feel overwhelmed and intimidated. This is understandable, but with the help of a Morgan City deckhand maritime injury attorney, injury victims can hold their negligent employers accountable in civil court.

    During the proceedings, the responsible party has the right to offer a settlement at any point in time, and it will be up to the victim to decide whether they want to accept this amount of money.

    Talk to a Morgan City Deckhand Maritime Injury Attorney Today

    If you have been injured while working as a deckhand, you may be entitled to compensation from your employer and the owner of the vessel you worked on. This compensation can be used to cover medical bills and other expenses, but if you do not file suit, you may not be able to obtain it. Get in touch with a Morgan City deckhand maritime injury lawyer today.