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    Morgan City Seaman Injury Lawyer 

    According to the Jones Act, individuals who work on vessels, as well as other maritime workers, are entitled to compensation for injuries they sustain while working.

    Most workers are only allowed to file for workers’ compensation, but seamen are allowed to file suit against their irresponsible employers. This is easier said than done, and in most cases, maritime workers will need legal guidance from a Morgan City seaman injury lawyer at some point.

    Maritime laws can be difficult to comprehend, but with the right lawyer on your side, you can hold others liable for your injury. Continue reading to learn more maritime laws and how you can take legal action against your employer.

    Employer Negligence

    Maritime workers are often confused about their legal options after an injury. Many do not know they are allowed to file suit against their employers, especially if their employers put their safety and wellbeing in danger.

    Owners of vessels often cut corners to save money, and if a worker is injured due to this negligence, their employer may be required to pay compensation. Common examples of negligence include:

    • Failing to provide maritime workers with the appropriate protective gear, equipment, and clothing
    • Forcing employees to work in dangerous weather
    • Failing to enforce safety rules and regulations
    • Improperly maintaining a vessel or its equipment
    • Not providing employees with a sufficient amount of education or training

    No one should be forced to pay for their own injuries after an accident that is not their fault occurs. If an employer engages in any of the actions listed above, injured workers should contact a seaman injury attorney immediately.

    Seaworthy vs. Unseaworthy Vessels

    The owners of ships and other vessels are required by law to make sure they are safe to operate and accommodate passengers. A ship that is safe to operate and accommodate passengers is referred to as “seaworthy.” If the owner of a vessel engages in the following acts, their vessel may be considered unseaworthy if:

    • Decks, passageways, and surfaces are not properly maintained
    • The vessel does not have an adequate number of crew members
    • Wires, lines, and cables are improperly stored or loose
    • There are not enough lifeboats or safety gear does not work
    • Workers are forced to perform dangerous or extreme tasks
    • Crew members are not properly trained to operate the vessel

    What an Employer Should Do

    If an employer knows their vessel is unseaworthy, they should refrain from hiring crew members and boarding passengers, and correct the hazards on board. If they fail to do this before allowing crew members on board, injured individuals should call a Morgan City seaman injury lawyer.

    Victims can file suit if an unseaworthy vessel capsizes or sinks. When a person is injured, they can also file suit if the crew of a ship fails to provide treatment or contact emergency officials.

    Contact a Morgan City Seaman Injury Attorney Today

    Victims may need to contact a seaman injury attorney for several reasons. Fires, cargo handling accidents, and equipment malfunctions can leave victims permanently injured, and they may be unable to return to work.

    If you have been injured while working on a vessel, you may be entitled to compensation. Employers should always be sure their workers have access to a safe and secure work environment, and if they do not do this, they should face the legal consequences. Contact a Morgan City seaman injury lawyer today to discuss your case.