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    St. Tammany Parish Bus Accident Lawyer

    Many St. Tammany parish residents use bus services daily whether it is to get to work, school, tourist locations, or even out of state. While buses generally have professional drivers, in some cases, they may cause injury. If you have been injured by a bus crash as a passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, motorcyclist, or motorist in which a negligent bus driver has crashed into you, you should contact a St. Tammany Parish bus accident lawyer. A personal injury attorney could help protect your rights and explain your options for seeking compensation.

    Accidents a Major Concern

    Most people do not think very much about their safety when riding a bus as their size may lead passengers to feel invulnerable to accidents around them. However, the sheer size of a bus makes any accident it is involved in much more severe when it comes to property damage, injuries, and loss of life. People hurt in a bus crash may feel overwhelmed with medical decisions, insurance, and financial instability. Interpreting Louisiana law and filing a lawsuit could be particularly daunting. Speaking with a St. Tammany Parish attorney with experience handling public transportation injuries may be able to guide victims through the legal process.

    Modern Day Causes of Bus Accidents?

    One of the fastest-growing problems for drivers and passengers is distracted driving caused by drivers using their cellphone for texting, GPS, emails, or music while they should be solely focused on the road. St. Tammany Parish police issue traffic citations for these offenses, but many drivers continue to put themselves and others in danger. Some negligent behavior to watch for in bus drivers includes:

    • Using a cellphone behind the wheel
    • Eating and drinking while driving
    • Talking to bus passengers or watching them too long in the mirror
    • Being clearly distracted by signs and scenery
    • Drowsy driving

    Are There Time Limits for Filing a Lawsuit Against a Common Carrier?

    Louisiana law specifies that a claim for personal injuries, including bus crashes, is one year after the date of the accident. This may differ if the negligent driver is a government employee. If a motorist is injured by a bus, that driver may file an insurance claim, but insurance companies are in business to preserve their assets. These companies usually offer a settlement that is less than the case is worth. An attorney in Tammany Parish could advise a client about insurance claims and vehicle accidents.

    How Does Pure Comparative Fault Work in Louisiana?

    Louisiana is a pure comparative fault state meaning that a victim of a bus accident will recover damages suffered reduced by the percentage of fault caused by the victim. Louisiana also allows a plaintiff found mostly at fault for an accident to recover damages. This means that even if a driver is found to be 99 percent responsible for their injuries, they may be able to file a lawsuit to recover the one percent of damages from the other party.

    A St. Tammany Parish Bus Accident Lawyer Could Help

    Navigating the legal system by yourself after a bus accident injury can feel like an impossible task. However, working with a St. Tammany Parish bus accident lawyer to help ease your situation. Your attorney could assess your circumstances and guide you through deadlines and damages as well as explain evidence and negligence rules. Call a St. Tammany Parish bus accident lawyer today for a consultation and to discover your options.