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    St. Tammany Parish Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    While most bikers drive responsibly and most drivers maintain awareness of motorcycles around them, an exception, in either case, could lead to catastrophic accidents, potentially causing significant injuries and losses.

    Speaking with a St. Tammany Parish motorcycle accident lawyer may be your best chance at preserving your right to recover damages after you have been injured by a motorbike wreck. If someone else was responsible for causing your crash and subsequent injuries, a personal injury attorney could help you fight for the justice you deserve and the compensation you need.

    Sources of Motorcycle Accident Liability

    Whether the wreck occurred at low or high speeds, any incident that topples a motorcyclist or throws them from their bike can have an immensely damaging impact. On the highway, motorcyclists may be sideswiped by a careless driver, rear-ended by someone who is intoxicated or distracted behind the wheel or even forced into a head-on collision by someone who brakes without warning.

    In urban areas, a parked driver opening their door at the wrong time, a faulty bike part, or even an unaddressed pothole could do serious harm to a motorcyclist by no fault of their own. Any of these scenarios could constitute liability for another party, whether this is caused by a reckless driver, a mechanic who installed a component incorrectly, or a municipal authority that failed to repair broken or cracked asphalt.

    However, in some cases, a defendant may argue that a motorcyclist bears some liability as well, potentially reducing the value of their claim. It is commonly alleged that the biker was splitting lanes, therefore contributing to the wreck that harmed them. A St. Tammany Parish motorcycle accident attorney could help demonstrate liability on the part of another party while arguing against any assertions of plaintiff fault.

    Potential Limitations on Recovery

    The possibility of contributory negligence mentioned previously is a perfect example of why retaining legal counsel could be so important for someone injured in a motorcycle crash. Under Louisiana Civil Code Article §2323, civil courts have the authority to reduce the recoverable compensation of any plaintiff found partially liable for their injuries, so it is often crucial to be prompt in contesting any such allegations.

    Furthermore, Louisiana state law enforces a very strict statute of limitations for civil cases. Riders injured in motorbike accidents only have one year after discovering their injuries in which to file suit.

    Fortunately, provided these pitfalls are managed properly, a motorcycle wreck lawyer could help a St. Tammany Parish plaintiff pursue compensation for a wide variety of damages. These could include not only economic losses like medical expenses, lost work wages, and property repair costs, but also subjective non-economic losses like pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and loss of opportunities to spend time with loved ones.

    Seek Professional Counsel from a Local Motorbike Crash Attorney

    If you were caught up in a crash while riding your motorcycle, you are probably dealing with a lot more than a slight road rash. Severe injuries, expenses for medical treatment and bike repairs, and various other monetary and non-monetary losses could change the course of your life for the foreseeable future, and recovery may seem like an impossible task.

    However, with a St. Tammany Parish motorcycle accident lawyer by your side, taking control of your situation and recovering both physically and financially may be a lot more possible than you think. Call today to set up an initial meeting and learn what a skilled attorney could do for you.