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    St. Tammany Parish Wrongful Death Lawyer

    A wrongful death lawsuit can arise under many circumstances. If someone in your family died as a result of actions caused by another, you might have grounds for a wrongful death action. Having a loved one taken from you suddenly can cause innumerable difficulties, from grief to loss of income.

    If you face such circumstances, you do not have to bear your hardship alone. If one or more others bear some responsibility for a death that has left you bereft, vulnerable, or even desperate, take action to redistribute the burden of the loss. Contact a St. Tammany Parish wrongful death lawyer to find out what sort of damages you may be due and how to pursue them.

    Circumstances Prompting a Wrongful Death Claim

    A wrongful death claim can arise from acts of negligence as well as acts performed recklessly or deliberately. Common causes include accidents involving the deceased as a driver, bicyclist, motorcycle rider, or pedestrian, and other causes may include criminal violence, incidents of medical malpractice, or the malfunctioning of a defective product. Such a claim seeks to recover damages suffered by the family of the deceased as a consequence of the death.

    Wrongful death claims are civil litigation. Even if the events causing the deceased’s death give rise to criminal charges, those charges, regardless of their outcomes, do not prevent affected family members from bringing a civil wrongful death lawsuit to recover for harm and losses. To determine the likelihood of making a successful claim in St. Tammany Parish and any damages that might be collected, surviving family members should work closely with an attorney.

    Requirements for a Favorable Outcome in Tammany Parish

    The deadline for filing a wrongful death lawsuit in St. Tammany Parish is one year from the date of death, after which the time for filing a claim expires. The right to bring a claim extends first to the deceased’s spouse and children, then their parents, their siblings, and finally, any grandparents.

    Along with a wrongful death claim, the family or succession representative of someone who suffers an injury and later dies may recover damages for the deceased’s injuries. The period for filing a claim to recover damages to the deceased and their property extends for one year after their death. A wrongful death attorney in St. Tammany Parish could address the legal issue of recovering damages on behalf of an injured person who ultimately died or any family members who survived them.

    Find a Lawyer Who Will Seek Compensation for Your Loved One

    Death of a loved one can have troubling emotional, social, financial, and practical repercussions. If you think you may have reasons to seek recovery for damages, you should avoid delay in looking into the matter. Whatever you discover, finding answers could bring resolution by dispelling uncertainty.

    If you lost someone in an unforeseen event, you could have a right to receive damages. Call a St. Tammany Parish wrongful death lawyer to discuss the events that took place, the parties involved, and whether the situation justifies a claim for damages.