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    Tangipahoa Parish Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer

    Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the worst damages that an accident victim can suffer. These injuries are life-changing and can upend the life of the victim’s life and their family. Since TBIs often require extensive medical care, recovering compensation may be paramount to preserving your financial future.

    A Tangipahoa Parish traumatic brain injury lawyer can represent you or help enforce your injured loved one’s interests if they are unable to do so. Having a skilled catastrophic injury attorney by your side may be vital to ensuring that you receive appropriate compensation for all your damages.

    What Is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

    A traumatic brain injury typically occurs when the head or brain comes into direct contact with another object hard enough to cause severe and often irreparable damage to the sensitive tissue in the brain. In many cases, trauma to the outermost areas of the brain triggers a protective reaction in the brain to shut down interior areas, which can exacerbate the severity of the injury.

    The toll that these injuries may put on a victim’s life—including financial costs, missed events with family, and the professional setbacks that come with such a severe injury—can result in significant financial losses, not to mention extensive physical, psychological, and social losses as well. A committed Tangipahoa Parish TBI attorney can review an accident victim’s medical records and speak to doctors to show the scope of the brain injury in court, as this is usually a crucial component of recovering compensation for the effects of that injury.

    Compensable Damages for Head Trauma Injuries

    Since traumatic brain injuries are often catastrophic in nature, Louisiana civil law provides numerous avenues for victims to seek compensation from the negligent party responsible for causing their injury. This recovery aims to make victims whole again, and so it may provide compensation for various setbacks that a victim has suffered, including but not necessarily limited to:

    • Present and future medical expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Lost earning capacity
    • Loss of consortium
    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Mental pain and anguish
    • Loss of enjoyment of life
    • Disability

    In cases involving a traumatic brain injury, the suffering that a victim has experienced is frequently the most important part of a claim for compensation. Most victims see a drastic reduction in their mental capabilities after a traumatic brain injury and often have to re-learn even the most basic tasks necessary for daily living.

    In the same vein, advanced mental skills including those that are necessary for employment can be extremely diminished following a brain injury. The severity of these effects underscores the potentially critical role an experienced attorney in Tangipahoa Parish could play in ensuring a TBI victim can live as comfortably as possible in the aftermath of their accident.

    Speak to a Tangipahoa Parish Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Today

    A traumatic brain injury could happen in car crashes, falls, occupational settings and numerous other scenarios. Regardless of their specific sources, these life-altering injuries could affect the way an individual thinks, feels, moves and function daily. Also, a TBI could require extensive medical treatment which could be expensive for any family.

    By retaining the skills of a Tangipahoa Parish traumatic brain injury lawyer, you should be able to more effectively fight for the compensation that you deserve for your losses. Call today to schedule a consultation and start seeking justice for your injuries.