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    Thibodaux Maritime Injury Lawyer

    Louisiana’s many lakes, rivers, bayous, canals and proximity to the Gulf of Mexico provide numerous opportunities for people to have fun on the water. This can include anything from swimming and canoeing to sailing and fishing. Of course, any of these activities carries a certain amount of risk.

    Much like anytime that we visit a shopping mall, drive in our cars, or even walk down the street, we are at the mercy of other people whenever we get on the water. We all depend on others to keep us safe from unnecessary harm, but occasionally, accidents do happen. When you are injured due to another’s negligence while on the water, you have the right to be compensated for your injuries.

    A Thibodaux maritime injury lawyer can work to analyze the actions of everyone involved and gather all the relevant evidence. Trust a driven personal injury attorney to take the lead with insurance companies to demand fair settlements.

    Common Maritime Injuries

    When an accidental injury occurs on the water, these actions rely upon the legal cause of action of negligence. This means that the defendant did not intend for injury to happen, but due to their carelessness, an injury did result.

    While on the water, this can commonly occur as the result of:

    • Boat on boat collisions
    • Improperly maintained dock facilities
    • Powerboats colliding with canoes, kayaks or pirogues
    • Powerboats hitting swimmers
    • Jet ski accidents
    • Water ski accidents
    • Powerboats colliding with unmarked objects such as oilfield structures

    Proving Fault in Boating Injury Claims

    An injured person must be able to demonstrate that the defendant owed them a duty to care for their well-being prior to the accident. This almost always applies in maritime injury cases since boaters assume a duty of care for any other person they may encounter whenever they operate their vessels.

    Important evidence whether actions the defendant took violated a duty of care for the injured person can be a local Sheriff’s report, or a  Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries report. These investigative agencies are required to produce an impartial report whenever an accident causes property damage or personal injury.

    A Thibodaux maritime injury lawyer can help gather all the relevant evidence, protect injured persons against aggressive insurance companies, and push for maximum compensation for injuries suffered.

    How a Maritime Accident Attorney Could Help

    Injuries that occur on the water are a serious matter. Boat accidents can often throw occupants into the water where they can break bones, suffer concussions, or even drown. Boats that strike vulnerable swimmers or canoers can separate joints or snap tendons. It is vital that anyone injured in these sorts of accidents provide themselves with every advantage.

    A Thibodaux maritime injury lawyer may be able to provide this advantage. They can work to help you press your claims for every available dollar, often without ever needing to go to court. Contact an attorney today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.