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    Understanding Houma Personal Injury Coverage Protection

    In Houma or in Louisiana, personal injury protection seen in other jurisdictions is known as Med-Pay coverage. It is part of the bargain between the motorist and the insurance company. Med-pay coverage is optional. It is not required in Houma or in Louisiana. For help with understanding Houma personal injury coverage protection, or assistance with filing an injury claim, get in touch with a knowledgeable attorney.

    How is Med-Pay Useful in Houma?

    Medical payment coverage is helpful in ensuring that the injured party can pay for the cost of medical treatment. If a person was in a crash and transported by ambulance to an emergency room, Med-Pay can be used to pay for the ambulance, emergency room, emergency room doctor and radiology charges as well as for any ongoing medical treatment. Having PIP coverage or what is called Med-Pay in Louisiana, is helping to ensure that any person injured has the funds to pay for medical treatment.

    While in the end any claim for damages for a car crash may be made as against the party at fault for medical expenses, it is rare that an insurance company pays the ongoing medical expenses of the injured party. If a person would like their claim to be effective, they may have to show proof that they received medical treatment after the accident. Understanding Houma personal injury coverage protection is essential for avoiding further expenses after an accident.

    Common Misconceptions about PIP or Med-Pay Coverage

    Some people think that there has to be an at-fault situation before they can make a claim under Med-Pay. On the contrary, it is a no-fault coverage. A person does not have to be in a crash where someone is at fault for it to be available for payment of medical bills. It will cover anyone in the automobile that is considered to be an insured within the meaning of the policy.

    Things to Know about Med-Pay Coverage

    It is good to have Med-Pay coverage. It is also relatively inexpensive. Even if a person has health insurance, they may have co-pays and deductible. Med-Pay can then be used to pay those shortfalls. That may be different if the limit of liability coverage of the at-fault party is minimal and the medical expenses or damages for the personal injury are greater than the liability coverage of the at-fault party.

    In a claim against a party at fault or their liability insurance carrier, the injured party’s own Med-Pay coverage carrier may seek to be compensated for the medical expenses that are reimbursed by the at-fault party or insurer. When the at-fault party pays out the limits of liability often the requirement to pay back a person’s own carrier, called subrogation, is waived.

    How Can Houma Injury Attorneys Help Clients Understand Med-Pay Coverage

    Any person who suffers an injury in a car crash needs to make available to their attorney their insurance policy which indicates the coverages they have on their vehicle. If they have Med-Pay it can help to ensure that the client can get proper medical treatment and that the medical bills are paid timely. Injured parties need to bring their insurance policies and declaration pages to their attorney so that he can take advantage of the coverages for the injured party. Contact an attorney for further help with understanding Houma personal injury coverage protection.