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    Common Causes of Hammond Car Accidents

    When an accident occurs, the consequences could be devastating. Individuals could suffer extensive property damage and severe injuries. While some causes of automobile accidents may seem obvious, there are many reasons a crash could occur.

    Following an accident, injured individuals should seek legal representation to learn about the common causes of Hammond car accidents. An experienced automobile crash attorney could advise and help you make the best decision for your situation.

    Frequent Causes of Car Wrecks

    Some of the most common causes of Hammond car accidents is due to distracted driving. These distractions could include:

    • Cell phone calls
    • Text messaging
    • Social media posting
    • Radios
    • Passengers

    These distractions can cause severe and sometimes even fatal consequences. It is critical for drivers to always pay attention to the rules of the road.

    Impaired Driving

    Another cause of automobile accidents is impaired driving. An individual can become intoxicated either from drugs or alcohol. Impaired driving could cause reduced reaction time and reduced ability to perceive the danger that could cause a collision. As a consequence, the accident will impact the other vehicle with greater force and cause more significant injuries. The intoxicated driver could face civil and criminal actions.

    Failure to Follow Traffic Laws

    Another one of the common causes of car crashes in Hammond is when the driver does not follow the rules of the road. This could include:

    • Traveling at a rate of speed too fast for the roadway (speeding)
    • Failing to yield the right-of-way
    • Improper lane changes
    • Failing to follow traffic signals

    What Could Impact a Car Accident Case?

    When someone is distracted and not paying attention to the roadway in front of them, they are going to have a slow reaction time to stopping or turning which can lead to a car wreck.

    If a driver fails to pay attention when they are traveling on a roadway, even within the speed limit, and they do not use the brake or attempt to avoid the collision, the forces involved on impact with the vehicle in front of them could cause greater damages.

    In Louisiana, there are traffic engineers who determine what a safe speed is for vehicles on a particular roadway. Anyone who is speeding has less time to react if someone stops in front of them and they lose their ability to brake to avoid a collision. When someone is speeding, the forces of the crash could create more severe injuries such as broken bones, skull fractures, and spinal injuries.

    There are special damages that are allowable in that type of distracted driving. The party who was intoxicated can be charged for additional damages known as exemplary or punitive damages. It is best to speak to a skilled lawyer to learn about how the common causes of Hammond car accidents could affect an individuals case.

    Seek Help From an Experienced Attorney in Hammond

    Many car accidents result from negligence. Whether the negligence is due to distracted driving, impairment, or speeding, the party who causes the accident could be held liable in court.

    Injured individuals may need the help of a dedicated attorney to learn about the common causes of Hammond car accidents and how the negligent party may be required to pay compensation. Call today to learn more.