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    Hammond Taxi Accidents Lawyer

    Hammond, like many small communities, only recently was allowed to have shared drivers such as Uber or Lyft. As a consequence, paid transportation was, and still is, largely taxis or other common carriers such as airport shuttles, public bus lines, and Greyhound buses. While taxis and hired cars can be a great way to get around, providing convenience in getting from place to place, the drivers may be negligent, and it is still possible to get into a car accident that leads to injury. If you were injured while in a common carrier or hired vehicle, you may be entitled to financial damages with the help of a Hammond taxi accidents lawyer. Allow an experienced car accident attorney to advise you of your legal options today.

    Laws Regarding Common Carriers in Hammond

    All common carriers are held to a higher standard when carrying passengers in that it is easier to prove the fault of the operator of a common carrier when you are a passenger in any for-hire vehicle. In Louisiana, a ride-sharing vehicle such as Uber or Lyft is considered a common carrier and is held to the same standards as other common carriers.

    If an individual is a passenger in a negligent driver’s vehicle, they must prove that the driver violated the rules of the road, causing the crash and the resulting injuries. Under Louisiana Law, individuals who operate a motor vehicle on the roadway are required to have a minimum of $15,000 in liability insurance for an individual and $30,000 for all individuals in one crash. The difference with common carriers such as taxi drivers, Uber, or bus is that they are required to have a lot of insurance coverage for damages potentially caused by a negligent driver.

    Their minimum required level of liability coverage is higher than is required by regular drivers. This means that a local taxi accident attorney can pursue a greater amount of compensation in many cases. These drivers are expected to be professional and deliver their passengers to their destination safely, so a violation of their duty to be safe could lead to financial liability. Parties responsible for paying damages when a professional driver causes an accident includes the driver, the taxi company, and the insurance company.

    Recovering Damages From a Taxi Crash

    Drivers could recover damages for a car accident caused by a taxi driver just as they would in any other kind of car accident, with one exception, particularly if they are a passenger. If an Uber driver was the at-fault party in a rear-end collision, an intersection collision, or a failure-to-yield accident, liability depends on whether that driver had a for-hire passenger. Other factors would be whether the driver was traveling to pick up a passenger or were just cruising the street. There are different amounts of liability insurance covering Uber drivers in those situations.

    For taxi drivers, the insurance is more consistent with extensive coverage on each driver at nearly all times. Punitive damages in taxi accidents may also be available if the taxi driver was intoxicated at the time of the accident. The ability to recover damages after an accident depends on the specifics of the situation but an experienced Hammond taxi crash attorney can help plaintiffs recover everything they can from the negligent parties.

    Get in Contact with a Hammond Taxi Accidents Attorney

    A person dealing with a car accident involving a common carrier in Hammond should hire an attorney for the same reason they would for any other type of motor vehicle crash injury, but an attorney might be even more helpful when the crash involves a taxi. All the common carriers and their insurance companies have professional claim adjusters who will arrive on the scene to investigate the accident and injury and their insurers will also do so. They are not lawyers, but they have a certain degree of expertise because of their specialization in managing claims for the taxi company or common carrier. These investigators generally do what they can to deny an injured party’s claims and minimize settlements.

    However, with a Hammond taxi accident lawyer at your side, you can aggressively negotiate with the insurance companies and pursue the other driver for every penny of compensation you need to cover the hospital bills, lost wages, and property damage the negligent driver caused. Call a dedicated legal team today to get started on your case.