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    Hammond Hit-and-Run Accident Lawyer

    A hit-and-run accident occurs when an individual was at fault for causing a motor vehicle crash and rather than remaining on the scene until an investigation takes place, they leave the scene. They are evading responsibilities for wrongful acts and not being accountable for the damages they cause.

    If you or a loved one were injured in a car crash and the at-fault party left the scene of the wreck, a Hammond hit-and-run accident lawyer can help you seek justice. They can review evidence and speak to witnesses to prove your claim. Speak to a skilled car crash attorney to learn about the nuances of a case involving a driver fleeing the scene.

    Common Reasons Drivers Flee the Scene

    The primary cause of why hit and run drivers leave the scene is intoxication. This can be caused by excessive amounts of legal substances or illegal substances. Hit-and-run drivers understand that if they stop, they are not only going to have to be responsible for damages, but they may incur criminal sanctions for operating a vehicle while they are intoxicated.

    Another reason could be an undocumented immigrant based on a fear that if the driver provides information to the investigating officer, they may be deported. Also, an individual may flee the scene if they have pending criminal charges or arrest warrants. They know that if they remain on the scene, they will likely be arrested and put in jail. Other hit and run drivers may not have liability insurance. The failure to have liability insurance could result in loss of driver’s license and vehicle taken away.

    How Do Hit-and-Run Cases Differ From Other Car Accidents?

    The difference between a hit and run accident and any other type of car crash is if the driver who fled the scene is not discovered. In these cases, there is no defendant to file any claim or lawsuit against for injuries and damages. Without knowing who the driver is, the victims do not know who the adverse insurance carrier might be. It is crucial in a hit-and-run crash for the those who have been harmed to contact law enforcement as soon as possible to describe the driver, the vehicle, the model, and perhaps even the license plate number of the vehicle.

    Not all hit and run drivers go without being found as law enforcement can set up roadblocks and let other officers know that they should be on the lookout for the hit and run driver. Injured victims should also reach out to a seasoned Hammond hit-and-run accident attorney.

    Dealing with Insurance Companies

    If the hit-and-run driver is never located, a special insurance comes into play. Since the victims of hit-and-run collisions do not know who hit them, there is no way they can determine whether the other driver can be responsible for the damages and be held accountable. Likewise, they would not know who the individual was to determine whether they had insurance coverage.

    Uninsured Motorist Coverage

    In Louisiana, when a driver purchases required liability insurance, the insurance company must offer uninsured motorist’s coverage in the same limits as the liability insurance coverage they are selling them. As a Hammond hit-and-run collision attorney could explain, uninsured motorists coverage comes into play on a hit-and-run accident. If there was a collision between the injured party’s vehicle or there were independent witnesses that show that the phantom vehicle caused harm without an actual physical collision, then uninsured motorists coverage will pay up to the liability limits on that portion of the policy to the injured individual.

    Uninsured motorist’s coverage on a liability policy is first-party insurance. That is, the injured party paid the premium for that insurance in the event they were struck by an uninsured motorist or a hit and run driver. The carrier in that situation has a paramount duty to their insured to investigate and to pay claims timely.

    If a first party carrier that offers uninsured motorist coverage is arbitrary and capricious or unfair with the insured, Louisiana law has special penalty provisions. These provisions can be invoked against an unfair insurance company obligating it to pay the injured party’s attorney fees.

    Speak to a Hammond Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney Today

    If you have been involved in a hit-and-run car crash, you may not know what to do next. A skilled Hammond hit-and-run accident lawyer can be your advocate and provide you with the best advice for your situation. They can investigate your accident, prepare your case, and negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf. Call today to learn more about how a lawyer can help you.