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    Hammond Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

    The main difference between an accident in a parking lot and one on the street is that the lot is private property and not a recognized roadway. This means that traffic ordinances do not apply to parking lot accident cases. Therefore, when local law enforcement investigates Hammond parking lot accidents, they may not look into the case with as much detail as a motor vehicle crash on the streets.

    Typically, a basic write-up and an exchange of information between the people involved occurs. A knowledgeable car wreck attorney can help you file a claim for damages if you were involved in an accident that occurred in a parking lot. Reach out to a Hammond parking lot accident lawyer today.

    Pedestrian Traffic in Parking Lots

    Because of the increase in pedestrian traffic, drivers should travel much slower in a parking lot. Pedestrians can be more difficult to see in a busy lot, and if a motorist is not paying close enough attention, they may hit someone. For instance, a pedestrian could step out from behind a parked vehicle into the path of a driver looking for a place to park, and hit this person in the process.

    If someone is at a crosswalk trying to cross the street, a driver approaching the intersection would have to yield the right-of-way to that pedestrian, and therefore, may be liable if they hit this person. However, if a pedestrian is jaywalking, this person has the burden of proving that the motorist was at fault. In general, a pedestrian is protected at a crosswalk but not when jaywalking in the middle of the street. Similar to the rights afforded to pedestrians on crosswalks, motorists must yield to people walking within a parking lot or garage.

    How Do Insurance Companies Treat Parking Lot Accidents?

    Insurance companies can be more difficult to handle when filing a claim for a parking lot accident. They may take advantage of the fact that the police report is not as detailed. There may be photographs, witness statements missing from the investigation.

    Without concrete evidence that demonstrates how an accident occurred, an insurance company may not compensate a claimant. A seasoned lawyer could help an injured claimant deal with their insurance company to ensure that they receive compensation for their losses after a parking lot accident in Hammond.

    Establishing Negligence

    Assigning fault may become more difficult when collisions occur in parking lots and garages. Depending on the situation, one motorist may be at fault, or multiple parties may be liable. For instance, when someone is backing out of a space, they are responsible for ensuring that they do so safely. Therefore, if they hit another car or a pedestrian, they may be considered solely liable for any damages that occur.

    However, if another motorist is distracted when a vehicle is backing out, an argument could be made that they share some of the fault. Similarly, if any party involved in an accident was using their cellphone, they may be partially at fault, even if they were otherwise driving safely. A Hammond parking lot accident attorney could review an injured party’s case to determine if a court may consider them partially at fault for their losses.

    How a Hammond Attorney Can Help in a Parking Lot Accident Case

    Anyone involved in a parking lot accident should look for an experienced lawyer to represent them. Legal counsel could look for further evidence even though there may not be a detailed police report. For instance, an attorney could collect video footage from security cameras at nearby businesses or police dashcams that may show evidence that supports a claimant’s case.

    Additionally, a Hammond parking lot accident lawyer may interview first responders to collect more information about the incident. By gathering more evidence, an attorney may be able to maximize an injured party’s compensation. If you need legal advice about how to handle parking lot accidents, schedule a consultation today.