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    Hammond Dog Bite Lawyer

    Dog bites can cause serious physical injuries including scars and disease, along with significant psychological trauma. If another person’s dog has bitten you or a loved one without provocation, the owner could be liable to pay damages. The laws involved in these cases can be difficult to interpret on your own, so it may be wise to consult with a Hammond dog bite lawyer to determine negligence. With guidance from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, you could seek fair compensation for your losses.

    Negligence Under State Law

    Louisiana Civil Code Article 2321 says that owners are liable for damage that their animals cause if the damage was foreseeable and if the owner could have prevented the incident by taking reasonable care. An owner must have displayed negligence to be considered liable. Although a dog bite must be “foreseeable” under the law, that does not mean that the dog must have a history of aggression, and a dog owner could be liable for their dog’s first bite.

    The injured party could prove an owner’s negligence by presenting evidence that the dog was allowed to run free, was not on a leash, or was not appropriately controlled while on a leash. The statute covers not only bites, but all injuries resulting from an animal’s actions. If a friendly dog jumps up to greet someone and knocks them over, the dog’s owner could be liable if the fall caused an injury.

    Dog owners can escape liability if they can show that the victim provoked the dog’s behavior, such as by trespassing on the property where the animal resides. A bite victim should consult with a dog bite attorney in Hammond to determine whether a dog owner has a strong defense in their particular case.

    Damages Available in Hammond Animal Attack Cases

    Damages in personal injury cases are meant to compensate the plaintiff for all the expenses, losses, and suffering they endured from an injury. Louisiana labels compensatory damages as either special or general.

    Special damages, also known as economic damages, reimburse the victim for expenses already incurred because of the injury and also provide funds for future expenses. Special damages are items that have a price that is known or can be estimated. Examples include hospital bills, lost earnings, and the cost of any mental health treatment that is necessary because of the dog bite.

    General damages are more difficult to estimate but often add up to a higher number than special damages, especially when the victim is a child. Some results of a dog bite that general damages might address include:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Scarring and disfigurement
    • Loss of ability to participate in daily activities
    • Lingering fear of dogs
    • Loss of companionship or consortium

    A compassionate dog bite attorney in the area could get to know a plaintiff and their family and make an assessment of how much money would be appropriate to compensate them for these losses.

    Statute of Limitations

    Laws that determine a deadline for filing lawsuits are called statutes of limitations. In Louisiana the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is one year from the date of the injury. This leaves a plaintiff little time to secure the services of a lawyer and begin building their case.

    If a child was the victim of a dog bite, the bite occurred. of time. A dog bite injury attorney might advise a parent to file a lawsuit on behalf of the child within one year of the accident.

    Bring a Strong Case with a Hammond Dog Bite Attorney

    Because the law protects the dog owner if they can show that their pet was provoked, dog owners and their insurance companies might contend that the plaintiff did something wrong and could intimidate them into accepting a smaller settlement than they deserve. An experienced Hammond dog bite lawyer could prevent these tactics and fight hard to recover damages on their behalf. Call today to schedule your initial consultation and learn more.