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    Houma Car Accident Lawyer

    If you have been injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, you are entitled to compensation from the negligent party. Most people do not realize, however, that without an auto accident attorney’s help, they are unlikely to receive fair compensation to cover their losses.

    We protect injury victims’ rights to compensation after an accident. You can rely on our experienced personal injury attorneys for excellent client service and diligent representation.

    The insurance adjuster is not your friend. Do not give him or her a statement or sign anything until you talk to a lawyer. To schedule a free consultation with our Houma car accident lawyers, please call Kopfler & Hermann today.

    Types of Auto Accidents

    Houma auto injury attorneys represent drivers and passengers injured in all types of car and vehicle accidents, including rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, rollovers and T-bone crashes. In addition, our firm handles claims from:

    Any of these accidents may cause serious and catastrophic injuries or wrongful death. You and your family may need compensation for medical bills, lost income, long-term care, pain and suffering, funeral costs and additional related expenses. Using liability, medical, economic, life-care and other experts, we can prove all of your immediate and future needs.

    Houma Car Accident Injury Attorneys Handling Punitive Damages Cases

    A Houma attorney in an auto accident case has to get the proof of intoxication that can be done by blood alcohol testing, by traffic investigators, and by prosecution for driving under the influence (DUI). The party at fault may have suffered injury and may be transported to a local healthcare facility. Often times, these healthcare facilities, if they think someone is intoxicated, may run a blood alcohol screen or a drug screen so that they can make a determination on what type of medical treatment and medication they may use to treat that particular person’s injuries. In both cases, the results of those tests, either by law enforcement or healthcare facilities, are going to be admissible as evidence for a punitive damages case.

    Blood Alcohol Test

    If someone has a blood alcohol count that is greater than the legal presumption of intoxication for driving under the influence (DUI), that would be good evidence in a punitive damage case. The failure to have blood alcohol testing or drug testing doesn’t prevent the punitive damages case. It can be proven through evidence of witnesses. Someone in a car accident may be at fault. They have may slurred speech, they may smell of alcohol, they may be stumbling around such as someone who is drunk but, for whatever reason, a blood alcohol test was never performed.

    The failure to have a blood alcohol test is not going to prevent a punitive damage case but, sometimes, blood alcohol testing is done at a later time. These test results can be extrapolated backwards to determine the level of intoxication, that is, the blood alcohol content, at the time of the crash. If someone is serious about bringing a punitive damage case for DUI, they could probably be using an expert such as a toxicologist to present evidence to a jury on how the substance, either alcohol or a narcotic, would affect the driver and their ability to drive carefully, keep a proper lookout, or perceive their surroundings  while operating a motor vehicle.

    Are There Certain Behaviors Novice Drivers are Forbidden From Doing?

    The only time the use of a cellphone in the car could be deemed legally acceptable is if someone is reporting a collision. Another acceptable scenario is if someone believes their safety is in jeopardy or they are trying to prevent a crime from happening by calling 911. Being deemed partially liable for your crash could greatly impact your case. Therefore, it could be critical to have a better understanding of the laws surrounding Houma car accidents involving cell phones and novice drivers.

    Laws surrounding cell phone driving laws were made to avoid the interference with the safe operation of a motor. A driver that is 17 years or younger cannot text, talk, or utilize social media while operating a motor vehicle. Traffic ordinances do not prohibit the use of a cell phone for adults unless they are in a school zone. Prohibitions for all ages also applies to hands-off setting speakerphones also.

    Speaking with a Houma car accident lawyer regarding cell phone and novice driver laws can be beneficial when preparing an injury claim. A car accident attorney versed in how Houma comparative law could impact the amount of damages you could obtain can help give you peace of mind. Legal representation often assist the injured party in conducting their own investigation of the crash by seeking witnesses to the crash and finding liability-related evidence to present in court

    How Could the Use of a Cell Phone Impact a Car Accident Case in Houma?

    Louisiana is a comparative fault state, meaning, the damages someone can recover in civil Houma car accidents involving cell phones and novice drivers can be reduced. However, the assignment of fault depends on the circumstances of the crash. If the driver in an intersectional collision was using their cellphone and not keeping a proper lookout, it could significantly affect their damage case. The individual would be found to be comparatively at fault for not keeping a proper lookout. Through a personal injury claim, the driver has the potential to be found comparatively at fault and the degree of comparative fault will reduce how much damages they may recover.

    Contact a Houma Car Accident Attorney Today

    Dealing with the after-effects of an auto accident can be incredibly stressful, especially if serious injuries or property damage has occurred. With that said, it is important to seek help as soon as possible from an attorney experienced in dealing with auto accidents and their residual effects. Our Houma car accident lawyers have represented and assisted auto accident victims for many years and are experienced in providing help to those impacted. For information on how an experienced attorney may be able to assist you, call and schedule a consultation today.

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