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    Houma Dock Worker Accident Lawyer 

    As every dock worker knows, the maritime industry can be quite dangerous. Given the occupational hazards, many dock workers suffer serious injuries each year. If you sustained an injury while working on the dock, call a Houma dock worker accident lawyer now.

    An attorney who is well-versed in this area of law can assist you throughout the entire benefits claim process. Discuss your injury claim with an experienced maritime injury attorney and work with someone who can fight for you.

    Federal Benefits for Injured Dock Workers

    Workers’ compensation laws are designed to help workers injured on the job get financial and medical benefits. However, Louisiana law does not require that maritime companies provide traditional workers’ compensation benefits to their employees. Injured dock workers are not out of luck, though, because federal law provides benefits similar to traditional workers’ compensation.

    The federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) provides benefits to all maritime industry workers. Therefore, when a maritime worker is hurt on the job, they can pursue benefits claims under the LHWCA.

    To qualify for these federal benefits, the injury must have occurred “on the navigable waters of the United States or in the adjoining areas, including piers, docks, terminals, wharves, and those areas used in loading and unloading vessels.” This law covers dock workers who were injured in a job site accident, or who developed an occupational disease.

    Dock Worker Accident Injuries

    Loading and unloading cargo on a dock poses many risks to workers. Dock workers have to navigate machinery, deal with hazardous materials, and work with extremely heavy loads of cargo.

    Given the nature of the job, one of the most common causes of dock accidents is falling objects. Even with stringent safety measures, many dock workers are injured by falling objects each year and often sustain traumatic brain injuries or other head injuries. Another big risk for dock workers is the possibility they will be crushed by heavy cargo loads or by shipping containers.

    No matter what caused the accident, injured dock workers often miss time at work due to their catastrophic injuries. In some cases, an injured dock worker may become permanently disabled. Missing even a short time at work can cause significant financial disruptions for the injured dock worker. When a dock accident occurs, an injured worker can pursue financial and medical benefits under the LHWCA.

    Filing a Benefits Claim under LHWCA

    To file benefits claims under the LHWCA, injured dock workers must first give notice to their employers of their injury. This notification date determines when the injured worker will receive their first benefit payment. Unfortunately, some employers claim that an injured worker did not properly notify them, which could result in a denied benefits claim.

    A Houma dock worker accident lawyer can help ensure an injured worker’s claim is properly filed.

    If the accident victim’s claim is denied, their attorney can appeal the decision with the US Department of Labor, which agency has jurisdiction over dock worker injuries. By relying on the help of a Houma dock worker accident attorney, injured workers can focus on coping with their injuries during this critical period.

    Contact a Houma Dock Worker Accident Attorney Today

    If you are a dock worker and recently suffered an injury at work, call a Houma dock worker accident lawyer today. While dock workers can get benefits under the federal LHWCA, the claims process can be complicated.

    Your attorney can handle your claim while you continue to recover. Call a dock accident lawyer now to learn how they can help you.