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    Ponchatoula Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    While many nursing homes provide the around-the-clock professional care that families are looking for, some, unfortunately, do not. When residents experience mistreatment or abuse at their nursing home, the effects can be traumatic. Additionally, it can often be difficult for family members to detect this mistreatment and then put a stop to it.

    Therefore, if you believe caretakers harmed your elderly loved one physically, emotionally, or financially, you should contact a Ponchatoula nursing home abuse lawyer as quickly as possible. A personal injury attorney with experience in this field can not only help you identify whether your family member is being taken advantage of but also can recommend potential courses of action to pursue liability and damages.

    Types and Signs of Abuse

    Elderly residents in nursing homes are particularly vulnerable to abuse. They rely on the staff not just for their physical care, but some struggle with daily activities as well. Because of this, they may not tell their family about their problems because they are scared to do so, or are simply unaware.

    A Ponchatoula attorney can help someone identify what type of nursing home abuse their loved one may have suffered and assist them in taking proper legal action. Some types of mistreatment may include:

    • Physical abuse such as unexplained bruises, welts, or broken bones
    • Emotional mistreatment such as threats or belittling
    • Sexual abuse
    • Financial and property violation such as an unauthorized change in their will or stolen cash
    • Neglect and abandonment which may include sudden weight loss, bedsores, and malnutrition

    The plaintiff should always remain vigilant of these symptoms appearing. The family should ask to see their loved one alone to discuss their condition. If the nurse refuses to let a family visit with a resident alone, this could be another warning sign of mistreatment. Under Louisiana Revised Statutes 40:2005, a resident may designate those persons over 18 years of age who cannot be denied visitation during designated hours.

    Submitting a Complaint for Nursing Home Mistreatment

    The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals designates that complaints of abuse can be submitted to the DHH Health Standards Section, relayed by calling the Health Standards Section, or submitted to any local law enforcement agency. A Ponchatoula nursing home mistreatment attorney can help the plaintiff file this claim, which must include:

    • The nature of the complaint
    • The extent of the harm
    • The cause of the abuse or neglect, and
    • The identity of the person responsible if known

    It is prohibited for nursing homes to take retaliatory actions against those filing the complaint. If the plaintiff believes that retaliation may take place, they should discuss the situation with their attorney.

    Consult with a Ponchatoula Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

    When it comes to the health and well-being of your elderly loved one, you should leave nothing to chance. If you suspect or know that a family member is suffering at the hands of their nursing staff, you should call a Ponchatoula nursing home abuse lawyer today.

    A local attorney can help analyze your case, help you file a claim with the relevant authorities, and act as your advocate in court. Call today to discuss your situation, options, and how to pursue a favorable outcome.