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    Ponchatoula Personal Injury Lawyer

    When a person suffers an injury because of another person’s negligence Louisiana Civil Code Article 2315, recognizes that they may have a right to recover compensation for their injuries and losses. Specifically, state law provides, “every act whatever of man that causes damage to another obliges him by whose fault it happened to repair it.”

    However, while this article sets out a means of establishing liability, a person still must prove their injuries and losses and that another person is liable. This often requires collecting evidence such as photographs and medical reports and conducting interviews to establish that another person owed you a duty of care, and as a result of their breach of their duty they caused your injury.

    A skilled and experienced Ponchatoula personal injury lawyer can help motorists, workers, victims of medical malpractice, and anyone who has suffered an injury due to another person’s negligence recover compensation for their injuries and losses. An attorney can meet with you to assess your case and help explore your options.

    What is Comparative Fault?

    While Louisiana Civil Code Article 2315 recognizes that when a person suffers an injury or damage as a result of another’s negligence, a person still must prove not only their injuries and damages but also that the other party is liable for the accident. Furthermore, Louisiana follows a comparative fault theory for imposing liability. Under comparative fault, Louisiana Civil Code Article 2323(a) in any injury claim, the court determines the percentage of fault of each party.

    After an accident, it is extremely common for a negligent party to try and shift their own liability by stating that another person was partially liable for the accident. This can potentially have a serious impact on an individual’s right to receive compensation.

    Filing a Civil Claim in Ponchatoula

    After an accident, it is important for an injured person to consider their options and to be aware of the statute of limitations. Louisiana Civil Code Article 3492, imposes a one-year statute of limitations for all cases of property damage or personal injury. This means that a person has one year from the date of their injury to file a lawsuit against the liable party or parties.

    If a person files a claim with the court outside of this one-year limitation, the claim may be dismissed. However, there is a special statute allowing a two -year limitation if the injuries were caused by criminal violence. A Ponchatoula lawyer can ensure that a plaintiff files their personal injury claim on time.

    Contact a Ponchatoula Personal Injury Attorney

    After a personal injury, you may be struggling to pay your medical bills and cover basic costs. However, you should not be. You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries to cover these losses.

    If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to another’s careless or negligent actions, do not wait to contact an experienced and committed Ponchatoula personal injury lawyer. With a dedicated and diligent attorney guiding you through the process of filing a personal injury action, you can be sure that your case will get the attention it deserves.

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