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    St. Helena Parish Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

    Spinal cord injuries can result in severe, long-term medical consequences. These injuries can cause the loss of feeling or control of major body parts and organs. In the most severe cases, spinal cord injuries can be fatal.

    If you are recovering from a spinal injury caused by another person’s negligence, let an experienced attorney assist you in seeking monetary compensation. To recover damages from the negligent party, you must file a personal injury lawsuit and go through the litigation process. However, this can be challenging without proper legal representation. A St. Helena Parish spinal cord injury lawyer can provide helpful guidance through the life of your case and work to protect your rights.

    Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

    Before a plaintiff can recover monetary compensation, they must first establish the damages that they have suffered. By determining the severity of a plaintiff’s spine injuries, a St. Helena Parish spinal cord injury attorney can pursue appropriate compensation that covers the entirety of their losses.


    To establish its severity, medical professionals group backbone injuries into two categories: incomplete and complete injuries. An incomplete injury means that the spinal cord is only partially severed. In some cases, these injuries can leave a person with limited degrees of body functions.

    Complete injuries involve a fully severed spinal cord. With a fully severed spinal cord, someone loses all motor function and feeling below the damaged portion of the spine.


    In addition to their completeness, doctors also categorize spinal cord trauma by the location of the injury. This is an important classification because the area of the spine that is damaged can impact the level of retained motor function.

    Anterior cord syndrome occurs when the front of the spine is harmed. These injuries frequently damage the body’s motor pathways, making it difficult for someone suffering from anterior cord syndrome to move.

    Central cord syndrome refers to injuries that occur to the internal center of the vertebrae. This part of the spine is home to the nerves that carry signals from the brain to the rest of the body, and damage to the central cord can eliminate both motor skills and sensation.

    Finally, Brown-Sequard syndrome happens when one side of the backbone becomes injured. In many cases, the effects of these injuries can be more noticeable on the side of the body where the injury occurred.

    Statute of Limitations

    Louisiana Civil Code Article 3492 establishes that a claimant has one year after their accident to file their lawsuit. If a plaintiff files their claim after the statutory deadline expires, the court may dismiss the case.

    The statute of limitations exists to provide a plaintiff the opportunity to seek compensation while discouraging lengthy delays in filing injury lawsuits. A St. Helena Parish lawyer with experience in spinal cord injury cases can work to ensure that a plaintiff meets all legal deadlines.

    Contact a St. Helena Parish Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

    With the stress of mounting medical bills and the daunting legal process, it can be difficult to focus on recovering from your backbone injuries. Fortunately, a St. Helena Parish spinal cord injury lawyer can take some of the burdens off of your shoulders by filing a civil claim and pursuing compensation from the negligent party on your behalf. To learn how an attorney can help you, call today and schedule a case consultation.