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    St. Helena Parish Paralysis Injury Lawyer

    Sustaining a paralysis injury can result in a significant impact on your quality of life. These injuries not only affect someone’s day-to-day life, but it can substantially influence the lives of anyone financially dependent on them. As a result, an injured party and their family may have to make extreme and costly adjustments in their lives.

    If your paralysis injury resulted from another person’s negligence, you should contact a skilled catastrophic injury attorney. If your claim is viable, a St. Helena Parish paralysis injury lawyer can file a lawsuit and pursue compensation on your behalf.

    Types of Paralysis Injuries

    Paralysis injuries occur when someone loses their ability to feel or control a part of their body. Depending on the severity, the effects of this injury can either be permanent or temporary. A St. Helena Parish paralysis injury attorney could determine the value of a claimant’s case based on their losses, and the severity of their paralysis.


    Monoplegia is a paralysis injury that is limited to a single body part. In most cases, monoplegia affects someone’s ability to feel or use one of their arms or legs and is often treatable. Genetic issues can be lead to monoplegia, but impinged or damaged nerves may also be the cause.


    Hemiplegia occurs when someone loses feeling in their arm and leg on the same side of their body. One of the most common causes of hemiplegia is cerebral palsy, but severe accidents can still be a cause of this form of paralysis when nerves are damaged. Hemiplegia can often be temporary.


    The loss of feeling or movement below the waist is known as paraplegia. Unlike other forms of paralysis, paraplegia typically results from an injury to the neck or back and can be permanent. This type of paralysis injury can make walking difficult if not impossible and can impact the functions of the body from the waist down.


    Quadriplegia may be the most severe form of paralysis injury because it affects someone’s ability to feel or control anything below their neck. While quadriplegia can be permanent, there are cases where injured parties recover full use of their body.

    Comparative Fault

    While the potential damages in a paralysis injury lawsuit can be significant, not every claimant may be able to recover the full amount of their recovery at trial. Under pure comparative fault, a court may reduce an injured party’s compensatory award if they are partially responsible for their losses.

    It is important to note that even if a plaintiff is primarily at fault for their accident, they may still be able to recover some compensation reduced by their propotion of fault. A St. Helena Parish lawyer with experience in paralysis injury cases can determine if a claimant may be partially responsible for their accident and how this may impact their recovery.

    Call a St. Helena Parish Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

    Becoming paralyzed after a serious accident can lead to dramatic changes and difficult challenges in your life. However, with the help of skilled legal counsel, some of the weight could be lifted from your shoulders. A St. Helena Parish paralysis injury lawyer can help you maximize your compensation and value your claim based on your specific losses. To learn how an attorney can help you, schedule a case consultation today.