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    St. Mary Parish Boat Accident Lawyer

    Driving too fast, distracted operation, sudden turns, and failure to follow directional signals are all potential errors another boater may make that could cause an accident. Additionally, depending on the circumstances, these minor lapses in judgment could lead to devastating injuries and property damage.

    If you suffered injuries and other losses in a boating collision, you should contact a St. Mary Parish boat accident lawyer for a consultation. A local personal injury attorney could advocate for financial compensation on your behalf in addition to guiding you through the daunting claims process.

    How Do Boating Regulations Factor into Accident Claims?

    When a plaintiff brings a case against another boater due to an accident, the claimant must be able to prove that because of the other driver’s negligent or reckless operation of their boat, their collision and injuries occurred. Louisiana Statutes Annotated RS 34:851.1 et seq establishes a series of rules and regulations that boaters must follow while operating their vessel. If the plaintiff can prove that the defendant violated any of these laws, the court may consider the at-fault party’s actions as reckless or negligent.

    Examples of Commonly Broken Regulations

    An injured party should consult with a St. Mary Parish attorney to see if the facts of their boat accident case demonstrate that the defendant was recklessly operating their vessel or was violating any regulations. Some examples of these boating regulations include:

    • A vessel passing head-on must keep to their respective right
    • A vessel must grant the right-of-way to another boat that is overtaking
    • Motorboats must maintain a direct course when passing a sailboat
    • A watercraft cannot be operated over the posted-speed or in a no-wake zone
    • A boat operator who cannot establish the course of an approaching vessel must slow down immediately until the other boater passes

    What Damages are Recoverable in a Boat Accident Claim?

    Following a boating accident, a plaintiff may sustain various injuries that could take years to heal if they are not permanent. As a result, a claimant may need miss time from work and undergo rehabilitation sessions for their injuries.

    A plaintiff may be eligible to seek financial compensation for all of these losses with the help of a seasoned St. Mary Parish boat wreck attorney. Some damages that an injured party in a boating accident case may be able to recover include:

    • Medical bills
    • Lost wages
    • Lost future wages
    • Rehabilitation costs
    • Replacement and boat repair expenses
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of enjoyment of life

    Consult with a St. Mary Parish Boat Accident Attorney

    While boating can be an enjoyable, recreational activity to enjoy with your friends and family, negligent or reckless boaters, are a danger to everyone on the water. If you suffered injuries because of a careless boater, you should consult with a dedicated St. Mary Parish boat accident attorney to discuss your legal rights.

    With the advice and assistant of an experienced attorney, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries and as well as your other losses. Call today and see how we could help you in your case.