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    St. Mary Parish Slip and Fall Lawyer

    Unfortunately, there are many instances of negligent maintenance that can cause someone to slip, trip, fall, and sustain severe injuries. When a property owner fails to maintain a safe environment for their visitors, they could be liable for any damages that occur because of their negligent behavior.

    Therefore, if you suffered a tripping or slipping accident while on someone else’s property, you should contact a St. Mary Parish slip and fall lawyer. A local personal injury attorney could advocate on your behalf and pursue monetary damages.

    Elements of a Slip and Fall Case

    After sustaining an injury on another person’s property, a plaintiff generally must prove that the owner, or an employee acting within the scope of their duties, negligently left a dangerous condition that caused the accident. Louisiana Statutes Annotated RS 9:2800.6 establishes a claimant’s burden of proof if they suffer bodily harm in any shop, restaurant, or lobby area of a hotel, motel, or inn.

    Additionally, the statute requires that the person who is injured must prove that:

    • The condition on the property presented an unreasonable risk of harm to the plaintiff, and that risk was reasonably foreseeable
    • The property owner either created this condition or had actual or constructive notice of it before the incident in question
    • The merchant failed to exercise reasonable care

    While this may seem relatively straightforward, each of these conditions contains potentially complex legal arguments that a St. Mary Parish slip and fall attorney may be best suited to litigate. An experienced attorney could help a plaintiff prove these requirements in court.

    When to Bring a Lawsuit

    As with most personal injury claims, a potential claimant only has a limited period to bring a lawsuit against a defendant. The statute of limitations under state law provides that a plaintiff has one year from the day of their slip and fall injury to bring a suit against the property owner.

    Even though a plaintiff may be dealing with surgery, rehabilitation, and other facts of life that come because of sustaining an injury, the plaintiff must keep this deadline in mind. If the statutory period expires before an injured party can submit their claim, they may risk losing their opportunity to recover. A St. Mary Parish attorney could work with a slip and fall claimant to ensure that they meet all legal deadlines.

    Consult with a St. Mary Parish Slip and Fall Attorney Today

    Even a minor slip and fall can result in broken bones, brain damage, and other substantial bodily harm. Because these issues often can result in significant medical bills and long-term expenses, you may be entitled to seek compensation if you sustained injuries on another person’s property.

    A St. Mary Parish slip and fall lawyer could guide you throughout the claims process. After an initial case consultation, an experienced attorney could explain your legal rights and the different options you may have going forward. Reach out to our dedicated legal team today to learn how we could help you.