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    St. Tammany Parish Burn Injury Lawyer

    After suffering a burn, people bear both physical and emotional scars. Recuperating from these harms can take months or even years, potentially leaving people with enormous medical bills and other financial difficulties. If somebody else was responsible for your burn, you might be entitled to some relief from the person that hurt you with the help of a seasoned catastrophic injury lawyer. By working with a St. Tammany Parish burn injury lawyer, you could more effectively protect your rights and interests in court.

    Burn Source Categories

    Generally, medical experts recognize the following different categories of burns:

    Thermal Heat Burns

    Different types of heat sources cause thermal burns. Flash heat from an explosion, flames from a fire, and scalds from a hot liquid all cause thermal burns.

    Chemical Burns

    Industrial accidents involving acidic or alkaline substances have the potential to cause serious chemical burns. Inhalation of toxic fumes can also result in chemical burns.

    Radiation Burns

    Sunburns and tanning beds often cause minor radiation burns. However, x-rays and cancer-treating radiation therapy can cause more severe radiation burns in rare and extreme cases.

    Electrical Burns

    Electrical burns result from contact with high-voltage wires, electric cords, or electrical outlets. Serious electrical burns cause internal injuries, as well as skin surface damage.

    Classification of Burn Injuries

    Doctors generally classify burn injuries according to their severity from first-degree burns, which are relatively minor, to fourth-degree burns, which are extremely serious and often fatal. Understanding and properly categorizing the severity of a burn is an essential step in medical recovery, and proving the necessity of financial recovery.

    First-Degree Burns

    First-degree burns are the least serious type of burns. They are superficial wounds that cause minor pain and redness to the first layer of skin. Generally, they do not require medical treatment or result in permanent skin damage. A sunburn is a common example of a first-degree burn.

    Second-Degree Burns

    Second-degree burns harm both the epidermis and the dermis, the second layer below. They are more painful than first-degree burns and can leave permanent scars. In addition to redness, blisters can also appear on the skin. Some skin loss can occur. They usually require costly medical treatment, necessitating help from a St. Tammany Parish burn injury lawyer.

    Third-Degree Burns

    Third-degree burns harm all layers of skin and destroy the underlying tissue. Damaged skin may appear brown, leathery, white or blackened, and it could be numb. Extensive medical interventions such as skin grafts or transplants are usually necessary.

    Fourth-Degree Burns

    Fourth-degree burns are the most serious burns. In addition to destroying all skin layers, they damage the underlying nerves, muscles, and bones. Immediate medical treatment is required, yet these burns often result in death.

    How a St. Tammany Parish Attorney Could Help

    Recovering from a burn is not a simple process. Expert medical care is required to prevent burns from becoming infected. Serious burns involve repeated, extensive medical intervention, such as skin grafts, skin replacements, and reconstructive surgery. Burn survivors are often unable to work during their recovery period, and they may be permanently unable to work, potentially causing immense financial debt. A monetary judgment against the person who caused the burn could help burn survivors pay for these necessary treatments.

    A local attorney could skillfully examine police reports, work records, and eyewitness statements from the accident that caused the burn. They would look to see if anyone could potentially be liable for the accident under a theory of intentional wrongdoing or negligence. An attorney can then demonstrate the severity of a claimant’s burn by expertly reviewing and presenting the medical evidence to maximize the damages that may be recovered.

    Reach Out for Legal Assistance Today

    Burn injuries cause physical, emotional, and financial pain. A financial judgment against the person who caused your burn could allow you to focus on your physical and emotional recovery. Reach out to a dedicated St. Tammany Parish burn injury lawyer today to see if they can assist you.