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    St. Tammany Parish Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

    While most people have sufficient medical insurance or savings to cover minor personal injuries, few are financially prepared to pay for the extensive medical care resulting from a catastrophic injury. It can take a long time to physically and emotionally recuperate after a devastating injury, and during that recovery period, your serious injuries can quickly deplete and even exceed your savings. A financial settlement could help.

    If a severe injury has completely altered your life, you might be entitled to compensation from the person who caused your injury. Reach out to a St. Tammany Parish catastrophic injury lawyer as soon as possible to see if pursuing litigation is the best decision for you and your family. A seasoned personal injury lawyer could represent your interests in and out of court and protect your rights.

    Examples of Catastrophic Injuries

    A catastrophic injury is an injury that causes permanent damage, interferes with a victim’s quality of life, and often prevents a person from working. Most catastrophic injuries are physical, often affecting the spinal cord and cognitive ability.

    Physical Injuries

    Some physical injuries that courts have labeled as catastrophic are:

    • Burns resulting in permanent scarring
    • Organ damage
    • Orthopedic injuries such as severe or multiple fractures that result in the impaired use of limbs
    • Amputation
    • Facial scarring or disfigurement
    • Loss of vision
    • Loss of hearing

    Spinal Cord Injuries

    Injuries to the spinal cord can result in mobility problems, such as partial or total paralysis. The paralysis can be either temporary or permanent.

    Cognitive Injuries

    Severe brain injuries can cause cognitive difficulties. Watching a family member suffer after a cognitive injury can be challenging. In the wake of a traumatic brain injury, victims may have difficulty speaking, interacting with others, working, remembering, or even forming new memories. When their quality of life is so drastically harmed, a St. Tammany Parish catastrophic injury lawyer can help them file for the compensation they need.

    How Do Catastrophic Injuries Occur?

    Serious injuries commonly occur from:

    A skilled local lawyer could look at the circumstances of the accident that caused the injury to determine if somebody else can be held legally responsible for the accident. A St. Tammany Parish legal representative has the experience to objectively examine police reports, skillfully interview witnesses, and review complex medical records.

    What are Common Consequences of Catastrophic Injuries?

    Catastrophic injuries affect entire families. If a person has mobility issues, families might need to install wheelchair ramps to make their homes more handicapped accessible. Additionally, after a devastating injury, the injured party may need continuing full-time care.

    Family members of affected people often need to leave their jobs to take care of their hurt loved ones. At times, when an injury is particularly severe, injured people need to relocate to rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes. All of these lifestyle changes cost a great deal of money and can quickly deplete a family’s savings.

    Reach out to a Local Lawyer for Assistance

    If a life-changing injury has completely upended your way of life, you may need time to adjust to your changed circumstances. Although nothing can restore your life to the way it was before your injury, a successful financial judgment against the person responsible for your injuries could help restore your family’s finances. It could also give you some peace of mind to allow you to focus on your physical and emotional recovery. A St. Tammany Parish catastrophic injury lawyer can fight to get you and your family the maximum recovery of damages. Reach out to a qualified attorney today to see what they can do to help you recover.