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    St. Tammany Parish Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

    In addition to obeying traffic laws and signals, drivers on Louisiana roads must keep an eye out for other people sharing the road with them. A failure to drive responsibly could cause serious harm to other drivers and bicyclists, but no one is more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries in a car crash than an unprotected pedestrian walking alongside or crossing a busy street.

    If you want to recover compensation after being struck by a car, there are several legal issues to bear in mind. Once you fully understand your legal options, your St. Tammany Parish pedestrian accident lawyer could more effectively help you prove liability on the part of a reckless driver and seek appropriate restitution for every loss you suffered as a result. The legal process of recovering financial damages from a defendant is complex, but a dedicated personal injury attorney could help guide you from start to finish.

    What Damages Could Be Recoverable?

    Before starting a civil case of any kind, it is essential to know that Louisiana state law sets a deadline by which civil action must be taken following an accident. In order to avoid their case being time-barred, an injured person in St. Tammany Parish must file suit no later than one year following their accident as dictated by Louisiana Civil Code Article 3492.

    Assuming this deadline is met, a St. Tammany Parish pedestrian accident attorney may be able to pursue compensation on a plaintiff’s behalf for various damages. Most cases would be centered around economic damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and lost earning potential, as these sorts of losses are easy to quantify, as well as to connect directly to a specific injury.

    However, non-economic damages may also be available for losses like loss of enjoyment of life, emotional trauma, physical pain and suffering, and loss of time with family. Punitive damages could be assessed against a defendant who was intoxicated while operating a vehicle when he struck a pedestrian.

    Showcasing Liability in St. Tammany Parish

    To hold someone civilly liable for a pedestrian accident, an injured victim must demonstrate that the defendant in their case meets all the prerequisites for legal negligence. In Louisiana, a person may be considered legally negligent if all the following conditions are true:

    • They owed the filing party a duty of reasonable care
    • Through some reckless, careless, or intentional action, they violated their duty of care
    • As a direct result of their breach of duty, an accident occurred
    • A party suffered injury requiring medical attention

    It is important to note that even if a defendant is proven legally negligent, a plaintiff may be found to bear some liability for their own injuries. For example, a pedestrian who chose to walk on a road when a sidewalk was available could be held partially responsible for an accident caused by a drunk driver.

    A St. Tammany Parish Pedestrian Injury Lawyer Could Help

    Anyone struck by a car while walking should be aware of their legal options, as these accidents often lead to immensely dangerous and even deadly consequences for the pedestrian who was hit. Recovering compensation for every injury and loss you suffered from such an impact may be crucial to your long-term financial security and physical health. By retaining a skilled St. Tammany Parish, you can more efficiently pursue the compensation you need from those who caused your injury. To schedule an initial consultation, call today.