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    Hammond Bad Weather Accident Lawyer

    Hammond is in Southeast Louisiana, in the Deep South, so snow and icy conditions are very rare. However, due to the rarity of these situations, many drivers and municipalities are not prepared for the dangers this weather may pose. If roads are icy, drivers may be advised to keep off the road especially on the overpasses or bridges that ice over as it is likely no salt or grit was placed on the road and they may not even be plowed for snow.

    While ice and snow are rare, Hammond is on the Louisiana coast and consequently experiences hurricanes, thunderstorms, and heavy fog. Rainfall can always be a hazard by obscuring visibility and decreasing traction, even forcing vehicles to hydroplane. If you were in an accident caused by foul conditions, it is important to consult a Hammond bad weather accident lawyer to ensure that you recover what is necessary from your insurance company or another driver if you were not at fault. A car accident attorney with local knowledge could understand the situation leading to your accident and help you devise a strategy for recovery.

    Initial Steps After a Foul Weather Car Crash

    After being in a weather-triggered accident in Hammond, the first step a person should take is to check to see whether anybody was hurt and call 911 to make sure an ambulance or first responders are sent to the scene. Drivers should then preserve the accident scene by taking photographs. There may be a case in which a municipality should have given notice of icing on bridges yet failed to take steps to remove the ice, prevent its formation, or block the roadway for safety.

    The driver may have a cause of action against the State Highway Department, the City of Hammond, or the Parish of Tangipahoa. Because the ice melts quickly, it is essential to take photographs as evidence of the conditions.

    Assigning Fault in Hammond Bad Weather Vehicle Wrecks

    Louisiana is a comparative fault state meaning that if the operator of the vehicle has been injured through the negligence of another driver, the fault level of the injured driver can be taken into account. If they were operating a motor vehicle too fast for the circumstances such as heavy rain, fog, or ice, they may be subject to some share of the fault. Their compensation will be reduced in proportion to their degree of fault.

    If no other vehicle is involved in a weather-related accident, that would indicate that the operator of the vehicle was negligent and would not have recovery, but any passengers could make a claim against the driver. However, there could be mechanical defects and defective products, such as the crashworthiness of the vehicle. There also could have been roadway defects, but those types of cases are limited. In addition, it must be shown that the entity responsible for maintaining the road, either the state, Hammond, or Tangipahoa Parish, had or should have had knowledge of the defect.

    Recoverable Damages for Weather-Triggered Accident Victims

    Recoverable damages in a weather-related accident will be the same as in any other motor vehicle crash including pain and suffering, the mental pain and anguish past, present, and future, and the impairment of enjoyment of living. Also recoverable are for any disabilities, lost earnings, cost of medical treatment, the future cost of medical treatment and future lost earnings and impairment of earning capacity. Spouses of injured drivers can claim loss of consortium, and the children may be entitled to damages for loss of society, support, and services. To learn what types of damages and compensation may be available in a specific case, Hammond plaintiffs should speak with a bad weather accident attorney.

    Preventing a Weather-Related Car Wreck in Hammond

    Among the steps a person can take to help protect themselves from a weather-related accident is to heed warnings concerning the onset of adverse conditions such as a hurricane, tornado, flash flood, severe storms, or even snow and ice. Drivers should take care to operate their vehicle in a safe manner for the conditions which may require driving slower than the speed limit, turning on fog lights (though this is inadvisable during heavy snowfall), or using the four-wheel drive and locking the differentials.

    Get in Touch with a Hammond Bad Weather Accident Attorney

    A lawyer can help a client involved in a weather-related accident by digging for all evidence, such as the other driver being negligent for traveling at a speed that was unsafe for conditions. The speed may be under the posted limit but still is unsafe in a heavy rainstorm, icy conditions, or fog. To discover your legal options after a car wreck caused by poor conditions, call to schedule a consultation with a Hammond bad weather accident lawyer today.