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    Common Causes of Houma Truck Accidents

    The common causes of Houma truck accidents relate to the failure of the driver to operate the vehicle correctly. If the truck is a commercial vehicle, then the driver has a different set of rules and regulations that they must follow. When the truck driver does not follow these rules, they could be held negligence if they are involved in a collision. If you have been injured in a truck crash, reach out to a seasoned truck accident lawyer. An attorney can investigate the cause of your wreck, establish liability, and help you recover from your injuries.

    Establishing Liability

    Commerical trucking companies have safety requirements and most of the time, representatives of the safety department of a trucking company are on the scene of the crash after it happens. If found to be at fault in a motor vehicle crash, particularly one where someone suffered injury, it is a reportable offense for drivers with a commercial driver’s license. However, it is in the driver’s and trucking company’s interest to hide the facts or do anything they can do to minimize the negligence or fault of their driver who has violated the rules of the road. In any commercial trucking accident case, an injured person must recognize that the trucking company does not have their interests at heart. For this reason, an individual should consult with a dedicated lawyer who is experienced establishing liability and knowledgeable about the common causes of Houma truck accidents.

    Examples of Truck Accident Causes

    Attorneys in Houma have found that distracted driving is more and more the cause of truck accidents in the area. Truck drivers may not follow the law by using their cellphone, not paying attention to the road ahead, speeding, or looking at their GPS to make sure where they heading to the next delivery. The other common instances of distracted driving are when the driver is impaired because they are not properly rested, have been driving on the road for more hours than they are allowed, or from substance abuse. Fatigue driving is one of the common causes of Houma truck accidents, which is why there are laws put in place to require the truck driver to take breaks and not drive more than so many hours in a day. Whatever the cause of the truck collision, a lawyer can help an injured victim recover truck accident damages.

    Impact of Truck Accidents

    In truck collision cases, there may be trucks that weigh 8,000 pounds to 80,000 pounds. An 80,000-pound vehicle colliding with a 3,000-pound vehicle will create severe damages to the smaller vehicle and its occupants. If a large vehicle is speeding, it means that the driver does not have the opportunity to stop in time to avoid a collision. These large trucks take much longer to stop on the road compared to other vehicles. If a trucker fails to keep a proper lookout, fails to yield the right of way and does not stop at a stop sign, drivers on the highway are likely to be injured.

    If you have been injured in a truck collision, contact a dedicated lawyer right away. An attorney can inform you of the common causes of Houma truck accidents and how you can recover damages for your injuries.