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    Texting While Driving Truck Accidents in Hammond

    Due to the rise of smartphones and other handheld electronic devices, there are more distractions available to drivers than ever before. However, looking down at a phone even for a moment can lead to serious accidents on the road. When distracted driving collisions involve massive tractor-trailers and semi-trucks, the damage is often catastrophic.

    Texting while driving truck accidents in Hammond can cause tremendous harm and leave victims suffering from long-term injuries. If you were recently involved in this type of wreck, talk to an experienced truck accident lawyer about your options for pursuing civil compensation for your losses.

    State and Federal Laws Against Texting Behind the Wheel

    Like most other states, Louisiana prohibits reading, typing, or sending text messages while operating a motor vehicle. Additionally, state law forbids drivers from accessing social media and making or receiving phone calls while traveling in an active school zone. The only exceptions are for drivers making emergency calls or using a GPS.

    Phone Use Regulations for Commercial Truckers

    In addition to state driving laws, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration prohibits commercial truck operators from using any kind of handheld electronic device while in motion, unless they are starting or ending a phone call through a hands-free device. In addition to state-level penalties, a truck driver who causes a texting while driving accident in Hammond may also face a maximum civil penalty of $2,750. They could also have their commercial driver’s license suspended, or even permanently revoked after multiple offenses.

    Recoverable Damages After a Texting Truck Wreck in Hammond

    If a skilled local attorney can show that an injured plaintiff’s damages were caused by a trucker texting behind the wheel, they may be able to recover compensation for losses related to the accident. Like in most truck crash claims, this could include reimbursement for emergency medical expenses, wages lost due to time spent out of work, and damage to the plaintiff’s personal vehicle. A hardworking legal team can build a case for civil recovery using various types of evidence, such as a police report and relevant traffic citation, surveillance footage, or cell phone records.

    Because semi-trucks and big rigs are so much bigger and heavier than the average commuter vehicle, accidents caused by negligent truckers tend to result in long-lasting physical and psychological damage. Accordingly, a well-practiced attorney at our firm can also help an injured victim in the area seek restitution for numerous non-economic damages after a texting while driving truck wreck.

    Speak With a Hammond Attorney After a Texting While Driving Truck Accident

    Even if you are certain that a truck driver was using their phone or another electronic device when they caused a traffic collision, collecting enough evidence to prove this can be difficult. However, it is often easier to establish civil liability and present an effective case with knowledgeable legal assistance.

    An attorney well-versed in truck accident cases can help navigate legal roadblocks and pursue financial recovery on your behalf. If you were hurt in a texting while driving truck accident in Hammond, contact a seasoned lawyer today to discuss your circumstances.