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    St. Mary Parish Burn Injury Lawyer

    Few wounds are as painful and potentially long-lasting as a burn injury. Depending on the wound’s severity, a burn can range from redness and pain on the outer layer of the skin, to destroyed nerves beneath the deepest layers.

    If you suffered bodily harm because of the careless actions or inaction of another person, you should consult with an experienced St. Mary Parish burn injury lawyer. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney can help you understand the facts of your case, explain what legal rights you may have, and the potential avenues to pursue compensation.

    What Factors Impact the Severity of Burns?

    There are many different causes of burns that can impact the severity and treatment of these injuries. In St. Mary Parish, an attorney can assess the severity of a burn injury case and pursue legal action based on the injured party’s losses. Some causes of serious burns include:

    • Fires
    • Steam or hot liquid
    • Electrical currents
    • UV radiation
    • Chemicals
    • Hot glass, metal, and other heated objects

    Additionally, medical professionals categorize burns in varying degrees to identify its severity. The seriousness of these injuries depends on how many layers of the skin have been damaged or destroyed.

    Degree Categories

    A first-degree burn is only a minor affliction to the outermost layer of skin. This wound often causes redness and pain. A second-degree burn affects both the outer and the subsequent layer of the skin. Symptoms generally include swelling, red or white spots on the surface, and blisters.

    The third and one of the most severe forms of burn injuries penetrates to the deepest layer of the skin and burns the fat or muscle beneath. These types of injuries are particularly tricky because they generally destroy the nerves and may not be painful despite how serious they are. The skin may appear leathery, black, brown, or white. To treat third-degree burns, doctors may need take skin grafts, and the individual may suffer severe scarring or disfigurement.

    When Might a Person Who Suffers a Burn Injury Recover Damages?

    Under Louisiana Civil Code Article 2315, a person may be liable to pay damages if their negligent actions caused someone harm. If a court determines that a defendant was negligent and thereby at-fault for an incident, that individual is obligated to repair the damage they have done, through financial compensation.

    Depending on the specifics of a burn injury case, a St. Mary Parish attorney can pursue damages from the defendant to compensate the plaintiff for both their physical and psychological injuries.

    Speak with a St. Mary Parish Burn Injury Attorney

    A burn injury can leave you not with just costly medical bills, but lasting psychological pain. Rather than dealing with this burden on your own, you should speak with a skilled St. Mary Parish burn injury lawyer to see what can be done to help you.

    With the assistance of a dedicated attorney and depending upon the specifics of your situation, you may be able to achieve a favorable resolution to your lawsuit. Call our office today and see what may be possible.