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    Fourchon Commercial Fishing Injury Lawyer

    The Centers for Disease Control reports that although commercial fishing fatalities are declining, it still remains one of the most dangerous occupations there is. In fact, studies indicate that 52 percent of all commercial fishing deaths are related to a vessel disaster.

    Considering the fact that rough waters and inclement weather are a daily part of a fisherman’s life, it may not be surprising to learn that the most common causes of fatalities on a fishing vessel include, falling overboard, hypothermia, and capsizing. However, water and weather are not responsible for all accidents and injuries aboard fishing vessels. Injuries may also stem from malfunctioning or improper equipment, unsafe conditions, and fatigued crew members.

    Experienced maritime attorneys may understand that when a fisherman is injured, they lose the opportunity to earn their anticipated income that year, which is often the only financial support for their family. If you were injured in a fishing boat accident, a Fourchon commercial fishing lawyer can evaluate the details of your case to determine what grounds you may have to file suit and what compensation you may be entitled to.

    Workers’ Compensation

    Fourchon Commercial fisherman may not eligible for workers’ comp, but under The Jones Act and general maritime law, injured fishermen can sue their employer directly for certain types of compensation, including compensation for daily living expenses (maintenance) and compensation for medical bills incurred due to their injury.

    Unlike employees covered by workers’ comp, commercial fisherman can sue their employer for injuries caused by negligence. This may happen if the employer takes an unnecessary risk that results in an injury to a crew member. Unseaworthiness, which may be a factor if equipment fails, can also give rise to recovery if the failure of the vessel’s equipment resulted in injury to the crew. A Fourchon commercial fishing injury lawyer can guide you through the process.

    Commercial Fishing Industry Vessel Safety Act

    In an effort to make the fishing industry a safer place to work, the commercial fishing industry safety act lists Coast Guard regulations that all commercial fishing vessels must adhere to. While vessels normally schedule regular Coast Guard inspections, the Coast Guard has the right to board a vessel while under operation to check for any of the following:

    • Appropriate survival gear
    • EPIRB or radio onboard
    • Fire-fighting equipment
    • Operable navigation lights
    • Vessel stability and loading limits
    • Operable bilge with no fuel vapors
    • Blood alcohol level of captain
    • Flooding or leaks

    Although the Coast Guard rarely boards vessels unannounced and a vessel may have passed an initial Coast Guard inspection, compliance while underway on any given trip may not be guaranteed. A seasoned Fourchon commercial fishing injury lawyer may know that if even one item on the above list is violated, lives are immediately at risk.

    Let a Fourchon Commercial Fishing Injury Attorney Help

    If you are a commercial fisherman who was injured onboard a commercial fishing vessel, you have rights under U.S. maritime law—and the best way to protect those rights may be by contacting a Fourchon commercial fishing injury lawyer who can help you seek the compensation necessary to get back on your feet and provide for your family. Call today to schedule your initial consultation.