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    Fourchon Personal Injury Lawyer

    If you are injured, the law firm you choose to represent your interests can make all the difference. Retaining a lawyer with the experience, compassion, and professionalism necessary to pursue your legal right to compensation effectively can be essential to both your case and your future.

    An attorney who is experienced in all forms of injury cases can help you file suit after a personal injury. If you are injured because of someone else’s negligence, a Fourchon personal injury lawyer can guide you through the details of your case and help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

    Negligence as the Basis for Personal Injury Claims

    The legal theory of negligence may be the foundation of a personal injury case. A successful negligence claim must be able to prove the following four elements of legal negligence:

    • A duty of care owed to the plaintiff by the defendant
    • A breach of that duty by the defendant
    • “Actual causation,” meaning the defendant’s conduct actually caused an injury to the plaintiff
    • “Foreseeability,” meaning that the injury that occurred was a reasonably imaginable consequence of the defendant’s actions
    • An actual injury to the plaintiff that resulted in compensable damages

    The specific nature of this duty may change depending on the circumstances of the injury and the details surrounding the relationship between the plaintiff and the defendant. For instance, drivers on public roadways, owners of commercial stores, product manufacturers, and healthcare providers all have different standards of care they are required by law to uphold.

    A knowledgeable injury attorney in Fourchon can help determine the elements of a negligence claim based on the facts of a client’s injury. They can also help develop a strong argument to prove the defendant is responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries and that the plaintiff is entitled to financial compensation.

    Deadlines to File Personal Injury Claims in Fourchon

    The state of Louisiana provides a one-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims. This means that a plaintiff has one year from the date the injury occurs—or the date on which they first discovered their injury—to file a claim. If a plaintiff fails to file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations, their ability to recover damages diminishes significantly, and in most cases, they would be barred entirely from seeking compensation.

    Exceptions to the one-year statute of limitations may exist in certain situations. Maritime workers and seamen who are injured, for example, typically have more time to file most injury claims—three years. It may be important to seek counsel quickly after suffering an injury, as time is often of the essence. A Fourchon lawyer who may be aware of personal injury and maritime laws, stated in Louisiana Civil Code Article 2323, can assist clients in understanding the deadlines that apply to their unique circumstances.

    Seeking Help from a Fourchon Personal Injury Attorney

    An injury can be a challenge to deal with on multiple levels. The physical, emotional, and financial tolls can be enormous, and facing these circumstances alone can be overwhelming.

    Knowing that you have compassionate professionals fighting for your right to compensation may help alleviate some of that stress and allow you to focus on getting better after your injury. Make the right choice for your future and call a Fourchon personal injury lawyer today, so they can get started pursuing the compensation you deserve.

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