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    Louisiana Car Accident Settlements

    To settle a case, a person has to have suffered an injury and the person or people at fault have to pay for the damages or they have to have insurance. Most of the time when someone has been in a car accident and the other person was at-fault, they will try to settle a deal with the at-fault party’s insurance company. If the plaintiff is not satisfied with the settlement options provided by the insurance company, then they could seek other options.

    It is crucial for someone who has been in a car wreck to contact a skilled attorney who has experience with Louisiana car accident settlements. Call today to see what legal options you may have.

    Information to Have for a Consultation After a Louisiana Vehicle Wreck

    The most important information someone should bring to a consultation is their crash report. If they do not have a crash report, they need specific information as to the date of the crash, the location of the crash, the names of all the parties involved including the person at fault and the type of vehicle involved. With that information, the attorney can obtain crash reports if there was an investigation by the city police department, sheriff’s office, or state police.

    The individual should also bring the names of healthcare providers that the injured person has been examined and/or treated by and photographs of the vehicles or the crash scene. Specific information about their health insurance and liability insurance is important for the claim. They need to bring any medical bills and reports they received too. If someone suffered an injury that prevented them from working, it is crucial to have pay stubs or W2s to prove loss of earnings.

    What are the Reasons to Settle Rather than go to Trial?

    If someone is in a position where they are going to trial, that usually means that a lawsuit has been instituted. Whether to go to a judge or jury trial to resolve the case is a decision always made by the plaintiff. Attorneys give advice and make recommendations about whether the matter should be pursued at trial or a settlement should be sought. The reasons someone may want to settle is that they want the case over quickly rather than waiting for the trial date. Even if they go to trial and get a judgment or a jury verdict in their favor, the other side may appeal the matter to an appellate court or even to the Supreme Court.

    Ending the matter quickly is one reason someone may want to settle. Many injured parties are also just deathly afraid of going to court. It has to do with the attitude of the person who has been injured. Occasionally, there are some people that simply do not want to go to trial. If that is the situation, a lawyer will try to make an offer to compromise a Louisiana car accident settlement.

    Why Someone Might Refuse to Take a Louisiana Car Collision Settlement

    Someone may refuse to take a settlement offer because the amount of money offered is inadequate to address the injuries of the party harmed. They would rather take the case to court. Most of the time, a person will accept the advice of the attorney as to whether or not the settlement offer is sufficient. Settlements occur when the party responsible for injuries is willing to pay what the injured party wants. Any settlement is a mutual agreement. This is why it is important to have a seasoned attorney by your side during Louisiana car accident settlement, so you can have someone experienced to give you the advice you need to reach the best outcome for you if possible. Contact our office to learn more about what our dedicated legal team could do for you.