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    Louisiana Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

    Without proper spinal cord function, a person may lose the ability to walk, control their limbs, or engage in involuntary functioning. An injury of this magnitude may even lead to paralysis. Spinal cord injuries may be sustained in a variety of ways, but, when an injury results due to another’s actions, hurt individuals have the option to seek legal remedy.

    Regardless of how an incident occurred, the life-long impact of a spinal cord injury is often devastating. Thankfully, a Louisiana spinal cord injury lawyer could help injured people hold the at-fault party responsible. Allow a seasoned injury attorney to represent your interest while you focus on healing.

    Spinal Cord Injuries and Compensable Damage

    Injuries may occur anytime pressure is placed directly on the spinal cord. Normally, the vertebrae and spinal disks protect the cord from damage. However, many accidents place intense pressure that could cause bones to become dislocated or break. This may occur during:

    When the incident that causes an injury is the fault of another party, an injured individual has the right to demand compensation. A Louisiana spinal cord injury attorney may be able to assist individuals who are seeking damages quantify the harm they sustained.

    Commonly, injured persons will seek damages to help offset medical costs, cover the cost of modifications made to a living situation, and recover wages lost from time off work. These damages usually have a definite value associated with them.

    Harmed people may choose to consult with a local spinal cord injury attorney to evaluate their other losses and to demand appropriate compensation. These losses could come from emotional suffering related to an injury, such as loss of enjoyment in life or inability to engage in hobbies or activities.

    Louisiana Statue of Limitations

    Though injured people have the chance to recover, it is imperative to act quickly.  Regardless of the severity of a spinal injury, Louisiana Civil Code §3492 gives plaintiffs only one year from the date of injury to file a case in court. Failing to adhere to this deadline may result in potential plaintiffs being barred from recovering any financial damages.

    Often, the damage associated with spinal trauma may not become apparent until well after an injury. Consequently, it may be beneficial to consult a Louisiana spinal cord injury attorney to safeguard one’s future. In addition to representation, an attorney could advise on fair compensation that accurately reflects present and future harm.

    Speak with a Louisiana Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

    Spinal cord injuries often have a life-long impact on an individual’s life, especially if a spinal cord injury is permanent. In addition to mounting medical expenses, those who suffer spinal injuries may be forced to take significant time from work to heal. In these cases, it is possible for a plaintiff to seek financial recovery from an at-fault party, even if the injury was the result of an accident.

    Allow a Louisiana spinal cord injury lawyer to assist with claims. In addition to thoroughly investigating an accident, an attorney could help to quantify the impact of an injury on quality of life. Contact an attorney today to schedule a consultation and build a favorable case under Louisiana law.