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    Louisiana Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

    Since Louisiana’s laws do not strictly define a catastrophic injury, any injury that may permanently change someone’s life could be considered catastrophic. These devastating injuries could result in a loss of physical or mental ability. While healing from an injury of this level is an extremely involved process, you and your loved ones do not have to fight alone.

    Allow a Louisiana catastrophic injury lawyer to examine your case. If another’s actions caused a catastrophic injury, it is possible to hold the at-fault party responsible. A dedicated personal injury attorney can help pursue damages for the harm faced, including payments for past losses and compensation to provide for your future.

    What is a Catastrophic Injury?

    Louisiana does not directly define catastrophic injuries within the context of personal injury law. Whether or not an injury is catastrophic is based on an evaluation of the injury and the prospect for recovery. The classification of an injury as catastrophic is unrelated to fault.

    Generally, an injury is considered catastrophic if a harmed person may never fully recover or if an injury permanently inhibits their physical or mental functioning. These injuries may include:

    Usually, a skilled attorney may help determine if an injury could be considered catastrophic by examining the extent of an injury and the harm sustained.

    Common Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

    Almost any incident could result in a catastrophic injury. Though these injuries are typically associated with dangerous accidents like car crashes, seemingly minor incidents may result in serious injury. Slipping on a slick surface could result in a head injury or permanent spinal damage. Other common accidents that may result in catastrophic injuries include:

    Regardless of how an injury was sustained, an injured person could seek litigation. A successful case usually depends on a plaintiff, or their Louisiana catastrophic injury attorney, demonstrating another party’s responsibility under the legal theory of negligence.

    Unfortunately, those who are injured only have a short time to file a claim to recover. According to Louisiana Civil Code §3492, potential plaintiffs have only one year from the date of injury to present a claim to the court. For this reason, it may be beneficial for those suffering from a catastrophic injury to connect with an attorney in LA soon after an accident to discuss potential legal options.

    Consult with a Louisiana Catastrophic Injury Attorney

    Catastrophic injuries could occur at any time and drastically alter someone’s life. They may lead to a permanent loss of mental and physical functioning. Anyone suffering may be forced to undergo extensive medical treatments or require life-long care. Fortunately, injured people have the right to demand compensation.

    Those harmed do not have to bear the expense of an injury that resulted from another’s negligence. In addition to medical expenses, an individual could be facing a permanent loss of income. Allow a Louisiana catastrophic injury lawyer to help you evaluate your injuries, determine whether negligence played a role in an accident, and pursue any potential compensation. Reach out to an attorney today to discuss legal options.