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    Louisiana Burn Injury Lawyer

    Burn injuries are some of the most devastating injuries you could endure. Fortunately, when harmed by the actions of another, you have the right to seek legal remedy and monetary compensation.

    Severe burns may result in lifelong injuries that never completely heal. Harsh burns may cause extreme pain, require extensive medical treatment, or lead to permanent nerve damage. To this effect, it is valuable to discuss your injuries with a Louisiana burn injury lawyer. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney can help you identify potential negligence and hold defendants responsible.

    Establishing Negligence in Burn Injury Cases

    Most burns occur accidentally. And though an at-fault party likely did not intend to cause harm, their negligence could mean they are liable for any resulting harm.

    Burn injuries are typically pursued under personal injury law. Most successful burn injury cases rely on a lawyer demonstrating negligence. Negligence legally occurs when a defendant failed to provide the reasonable duty of care owed to others.

    Those seeking litigation may wish to speak with a Louisiana burn injury attorney regarding an accident or resulting burns. The level of injury or accident could impact the compensation a survivor wishes to seek. For example, first degree burns are usually the least severe, while second and third-degree burns penetrate deeper layers of skin. These burns may result in nerve damage, severe pain, and lengthy rehabilitation.

    When Should Someone File a Claim?

    Regardless of the level of harm sustained, plaintiffs have a limited time in which they are eligible to file a claim and seek financial recovery. These time limits are dictated by the statute of limitations, set forth in Louisiana Civil Code §3492.

    Potential plaintiffs, or injured people, must file their claim no later than one year from the date of the injury. Any individual who fails to follow this rule could be barred from recovering compensation and their case may be barred from being heard in court.

    Often, injuries from burns and their long-term effects may not become fully apparent until well after the inciting accident. However, to ensure a case is filed properly, any individuals who have been harmed may wish to consult a well-practiced Louisiana burn injury lawyer. Armed with experience, an accomplished attorney can assist with quantifying current or future damages and preparing a claim.

    Allow a Louisiana Burn Injury Attorney to Help

    Burn injuries, whether the result of exposure to flame, industrial work, or chemicals, can have a serious impact on someone’s life. Even minor burns could result in extreme pain and require medical intervention, while second or third-degree burns could cause permanent nerve damage.

    Fortunately, injured people have the right to demand compensation. If you find yourself facing medical expenses or suffering from pain as the result of another’s actions, it may be beneficial to file an injury claim. Allow a Louisiana burn injury lawyer to help. A lawyer can advise on legal actions to recover damages for medical costs, lost earnings, and undue suffering. Contact an attorney today to learn more about legal strategy, potential claims, and the legal theory of negligence.