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    Louisiana Paralysis Injury Lawyer

    Experiencing paralysis is a frustrating and frightening experience for those suffering and their families. Any injury resulting in paralysis could have a permanent effect on someone’s life, and previously independent individuals may be forced to rely heavily upon friends and family. Those injured may have to rethink their daily routines, their medical plans, and how they will live the rest of their lives. Thankfully, there is an opportunity for those suffering to recover financially.

    Harmed people may wish to consult a Louisiana paralysis injury lawyer to discuss the circumstances surrounding an injury. Depending on how events transpired, it is possible to demand compensation and hold an at-fault party responsible for the harm caused. In many cases, a seasoned catastrophic injury attorney can help victims and their families work towards a favorable outcome.

    How to Prepare a Paralysis Injury Claim

    Paralysis is typically associated with incidents such as car accidents and medical malpractice. However, even a small incident such as a slip and fall could have permanent life-altering effects. Though the responsible party is not intending to injure the other person, Louisiana law allows plaintiffs to prepare and file a legal action from the at-fault party following an accident.

    After retaining a paralysis injury attorney, an injured victim in Louisiana may begin preparing a claim for compensation. Many favorable claims depend on demonstrating the legal theory known as negligence. Negligence dictates that there is a certain duty to care to protect the wellbeing of others. If a party fails to maintain this duty, they may be legally liable for the results. This includes severe injuries such as paralysis.

    Finally, it may be vital to contact a skilled lawyer relatively soon after an accident. This provides a comfortable window of time for an attorney to help identify the cause of action, collect evidence, and ensure a claim is filed on time. Under Louisiana Civil Code §3492, all cases related to paralysis injury must be filed within one year of the date of the incident.

    Available Damages and Compensation

    Paralysis occurs when the central nervous system is unable to effectively communicate with the rest of the body. This usually results from sustaining trauma along the spinal column. Depending on the location and severity of the injury, paralysis can be permanent.

    An injury may result in a need for intensive medical care, such as surgery or advanced treatment. Often, individuals may be unable to continue working. Fortunately, those who chose to retain a paralysis injury lawyer may be able to quantify damages, including pain and suffering, and demand accurate compensation.

    After demonstrating negligence, a Louisiana paralysis injury attorney can assist with gathering the necessary evidence to show damages sustained, such as loss of income or medical expenses. Also, they can help evaluate the full impact of an injury and advise on any settlements to ensure awards reflect the harm suffered.

    Let a Louisiana Paralysis Injury Attorney be an Advocate

    Although incidents that result in paralysis are devastating, it is possible for those who have been injured to heal. Medical treatments may be able to help restore an individual through surgery or advanced procedures, while an attorney may help individuals collect compensation for their losses.

    A Louisiana paralysis injury lawyer can help paralyzed individuals and their families evaluate a case and determine a fair level of compensation. An attorney can assist with investigating the incident that led to the injury, identifying negligence and potential defendants, and pursuing any legal claims. Contact a lawyer today to discuss your case.