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    Ponchatoula Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

    Car crashes are an unfortunate reality for daily commuters and occasional drivers alike. With multiple state and interstate highways in the immediate Ponchatoula vicinity, accidents, whether from fatigue, driver error, weather conditions, or driving under the influence, happen.

    Front-end can have particularly devastating effects on those involved. If you or a loved one sustained losses in a head-on collision, you should speak with a Ponchatoula front-end car accident lawyer. Legal counsel can appreciate the hardships you and your family are facing as a result of your crash. A car wreck attorney can make all the difference when fighting with reluctant insurance companies or presenting your personal injury case to a jury.

    Establishing Negligence in Head-On Collision Cases

    Using the legal system to enforce an individual’s rights usually means filing a civil lawsuit for damages. The litigation process entails an injured person filing a case in state court and demanding monetary damages from the at-fault driver or their an insurance company. To successfully build a claim for damages, a plaintiff must prove that the at-fault motorist was negligent. This legal concept asks whether the liable driver’s conduct fell below the standard of acceptable care a reasonably competent motorist would have exercised under the specific circumstances of the accident.

    Courts review negligence-based actions using a duty risk analysis. First, an attorney must demonstrate that the defendant had a legal duty of care to the plaintiff. All motorists owe a duty of care to drive responsibly and to avoid behavior that may put others on the road at risk of harm. Then, a claimant must prove that the defendant violated this legal obligation, and as a result, the head-on collision occurred.

    For instance, a front-end car wreck may happen if a driver accidentally crossed over the center line into oncoming traffic because they were either intoxicated or driving while distracted. In this scenario, this driver is negligent because they breached their duty of care by breaking the law, which led to a collision.

    Additionally, a claimant must be able to show that they suffered damages.  These are usually illustrated through medical bills or vehicle damage. If a plaintiff cannot prove all of these components, the at-fault driver will not be liable. A Ponchatoula attorney can help an injured claimant establish negligence in a front-end car accident case.

    Damages Available in a Front-End Auto Wreck Case

    Compensatory damages intend to make a plaintiff “whole” again. Louisiana law does not cap compensatory damages except in select instances, such as cases against public entities, like a government agency driver. Someone could seek damages for:

    • Medical bills resulting from the treatment of accident injuries
    • Lost wages from time missed from work as a consequence of injuries
    • Pain and suffering
    • Car repair or replacement and costs
    • Rental vehicle expenses
    • In wrongful death lawsuits, loss of companionship, affection, or society

    While some of these damages are easily quantifiable, such as medical bills and lost income, others like pain and suffering are more intangible. Having a skilled Ponchatoula lawyer present a front-end accident case can significantly boost the chances of satisfactory recovery.

    Connect with a Ponchatoula Car Accident Attorney

    Consulting an attorney may be difficult to think about in the immediate aftermath of a wreck. However, it is essential not to delay. It is unjust for you to shoulder the burden of expenses from an accident that someone else caused. Call a Ponchatoula car accident lawyer today to get started on your case.