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    Thibodaux Industrial Injuries Lawyer

    Louisiana’s industrial community is among the largest in the United States. The energy supplied by the state’s crude oil and natural gas production places Louisiana among the top energy suppliers in the country according to the Energy Information Administration. The petrochemical industry is also an important part of Louisiana’s economy.

    Industry keeps Louisiana employed and prospering but, unfortunately, despite advanced safety technology, training, and protocols industrial accidents can occur. Worse, accidents that occur in these types of heavy industries are among the worst workplace accidents as the work is among the most difficult and dangerous.

    If you were in an industrial accident and are injured, you may have a legal right to recover compensation. A Thibodaux industrial injury lawyer understands the nuances of industrial injuries. A distinguished workers compensation attorney can help you find the right path to the compensation you deserve.

    How is Compensation Awarded for Industrial Injuries?

    One avenue to receiving compensation for an industrial accident that has occurred on the job is a workers’ compensation claim. To begin a workers’ compensation claim, an injured employee must file a report of that injury to their employer within 30 days of discovering the injury.

    Once received, the employer has ten days to file a notice with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Administration that will launch an investigation into the claim to determine whether the employee should receive compensation, for how long, and for what amount.

    Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that most employers are required to carry in Louisiana. It can provide workers injured on the job assistance in the form of wage replacement and medical and rehabilitative support. However, a workers’ compensation claim is not decided in favor of the injured worker.

    When is it Appropriate for a Victim to Apply for an Appeal?

    If someone was injured on the job and is unsatisfied with a decision regarding a workers’ compensation claim, they have the right to appeal the decision. A Thibodaux industrial injury lawyer understands the workers’ compensation system particularly with respect to industrial injuries and can help employees navigate the complexities of their workers’ compensation claims and, if necessary, their workers’ compensation appeal.

    Negligence in the Workplace in Thibodaux

    If someone was injured in an industrial accident another responsible company may be at fault. Too often, industrial companies seek to maximize profits and productivity which comes at the expense of worker and plant safety. Inadequate or outdated safety protocols, improper or incomplete worker training, a failure to provide proper safety equipment, and outdated or improperly maintained plant infrastructure and equipment can all contribute to industrial accidents in the workplace.

    Through an action for negligence it may be possible to recover damages from injuries sustained in a workplace accident. These can include medical expenses, lost wages, diminished future earnings, pain and suffering, and, in extreme cases, punitive damages. A Thibodaux industrial injury lawyer can guide workers through their possible claims and help them understand just what compensation they may be entitled to recover.

    How a Thibodaux Industrial Injuries Attorney Can Help

    If you are injured in an industrial accident in Thibodaux, Louisiana, it is imperative that you know your rights. Any workplace injury can be devastating personally and financially. Let a Thibodaux industrial injury lawyer be an advocate.