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    Assumption Parish Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

    Any personal injury is a cause for great concern. Whether you suffer an injury as a result of a car accident, a slip and fall, or a defective product, you have the right to demand compensation. These injuries typically result in you making a complete, albeit painful recovery. More serious incidents, however, may leave you permanently injured or disabled. These are known as catastrophic injuries.

    A catastrophic injury can affect you for the rest of your life, so it may be essential after suffering one for you to work with a seasoned personal injury attorney who understands the immense effect this incident has had on your life. If you suffered a catastrophic injury due to the actions of another person, an Assumption Parish catastrophic injury lawyer can help you hold them responsible in court.

    Defining Catastrophic Injury Under Assumption Parish Law

    Catastrophic injuries, when viewed through the prism of personal injury law, do not carry a strict definition. In general, a catastrophic injury is an injury that leaves a person with a permanent injury.

    Because of this open-ended definition, catastrophic injury cases are typically pursued in the same way as any other personal injury case. Plaintiffs in these cases simply allege that the incident left them with a permanent disability or injury that would forever affect their lives.

    Common examples of the types of injuries that people suffer in these cases include:

    All these injuries would have a permanent effect on a person’s future health. An Assumption Parish catastrophic injury attorney can help people identify the full physical, emotional, and economic impact of their injuries and demand appropriate compensation from at-fault parties.

    Common Source of Catastrophic Injuries

    Any incident that can result in a personal injury can be the cause of a catastrophic injury. This is because a catastrophic injury is not defined by how the injury happened, but rather by the end result of that injury.

    Perhaps the simplest example is that of a car collision. Car accidents can greatly vary in their severity and their effect on the human body. Even incidents that are superficially similar can have a different end result and different injuries. A fender-bender can leave a person with only minor neck or back injuries, or it may result in total paralysis.

    Limitations on Assumption Parish Catastrophic Injury Cases

    Every case must be examined on an individual basis to determine the extent of an injury. In other words, the source of the injury is inconsequential in determining if the injury is catastrophic, as only the severity of the injury matters. However, no matter how severe the injury, people need to be aware of Louisiana’s short statute of limitations to bring a claim.

    This law controls when a person can bring a personal injury lawsuit to court. If this time limit expires, the court would likely refuse to hear the case, and insurance companies would refuse to negotiate a settlement. According to Louisiana Civil Code §3492, plaintiffs must file their cases within one year of the date of injury. An Assumption Parish catastrophic injury attorney can help an injured individual file a claim within the statute of limitations.

    Consulting an Assumption Parish Catastrophic Injury Attorney

    People who suffer a catastrophic injury are likely to be scared and concerned for their future. These injuries can have a permanent effect on your life and may never end with a full recovery. As a result, you have not only your current medical bills and lost earnings to consider, but you must also be concerned about your future medical costs and lack of work opportunities.

    An Assumption Parish catastrophic injury lawyer can help you pursue the parties at fault for your injury for compensation designed to provide for your economic future. This can include payments for medical bills, mental anguish, and lost wages. There is a very limited time to file a claim, so do not hesitate — call today to get started on your case.