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    Assumption Parish Burn Injury Lawyer

    Burns are some of the most painful and long-lasting injuries that a person can suffer. Not only do they inflict immense pain at the time of the injury, but the recovery and rehabilitation involved after a burn can be excruciating.

    Unfortunately, burns can accompany many incidents that lead to a personal injury. They can result from direct exposure to flames or heat, but also from any contact with caustic chemicals, electricity, or even radiation. As a result, burns are surprisingly common injuries after many types of accidents.

    Any incident that is another person’s fault and leads to a burn can be the source of a personal injury lawsuit. Some burns even rise to the level of catastrophic injuries that permanently affect a victim’s life. No matter the severity of the burn, you have the right to consult a compassionate catastrophic injury attorney and seek compensation. An Assumption Parish burn injury lawyer can work with you to demand this compensation and to stand up for your rights in court.

    Which Causes of Burn Injuries Could Lead to Compensation in Assumption Parish?

    Most people associate burns with an exposure to flames or heat. Indeed, this is a common source of burns. People who are trapped in a burning car after an accident or who are left with burns after a fire in a building are prominent examples of burn victims whose injuries may be due to someone else’s actions.

    However, burns can also occur in other ways. People may suffer burns if they are exposed to harsh chemicals on construction sites that should have been contained or cordoned off. They can also be burned by electricity if they are exposed to faulty wiring. Burns can even be the result of negligent exposure to radiation.

    While all these examples are situations where another person’s negligence causes an injury, the extent of the burn often determines what sort of compensation a victim can demand. A burn injury attorney in Assumption Parish can be well-placed to help determine the potential compensation that a burn victim may be eligible to receive.

    Classes of Burns

    Doctors group burn injuries into one of three classes. The extent of a burn injury determines whether the injury is catastrophic and can be a major factor in deciding the level of compensation a burn victim can demand, as any qualified personal injury lawyer in Assumption Parish can explain.

    First-Degree Burns

    The least severe kinds of burns are first-degree burns. These are injuries that affect only the top layer of skin and which typically fully heal save for possibly some minor scarring. First-degree burns can be painful but rarely require hospitalization, and doctors usually treat them with topicals creams and bandages.

    Second-Degree Burns

    More severe burn injuries are second-degree burns, which are usually the most painful types of burns as the injury penetrates the skin and affects the nerves. Treatment for second-degree burns almost always involves a hospital stay, and the most severe cases may require skin graft surgery.

    What Makes Third-Degree Burns So Serious?

    Finally, the most severe types of burns are third-degree burns. A third-degree burn completely destroys the skin, nerves, and flesh of the affected area, and may even expose the bone. While the initial pain of these burns is severe, the destruction of the nerves can actually make recovery less painful than in instances of second-degree burns. However, a third-degree burn is always a catastrophic injury that requires intense medical care and extensive rehabilitation.

    An Assumption Parish Burn Injury Attorney Can Fight for You

    Whether the incident involved a car accident, a building fire, or even a chemical spill, burns can have a permanent effect on your health and quality of life. Some injuries may leave behind permanent scars, reduce the functionality of the affected body part, or even require amputation. No matter the severity of the injury, though, you have only one year to bring a claim under Louisiana Civil Code §3492, so time may be running short.

    An Assumption Parish burn injury lawyer can help you demand compensation from at-fault parties for the pain and disfigurement caused by burns. Your attorney could work to conduct investigations into the incident, interview any witnesses, and form demand packages for appropriate compensation. A burn injury can permanently change your life, so take a strong step toward recovery and contact an attorney today.