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    Watch Out For Motorcycles

    Car Accident Watch Out For Motorcycles

    The number of motorcycles on the road and the freedom-loving spirit of the wind in the face that goes along with a great motorcycle ride mandate that all of us in cars and trucks keep an extra eye out for our comrades in arms on motorcycles. Most motorcycles have an automatic headlight that turns on when the bike is started. If you see that single light coming, be extra careful when you pull out and give him or her some distance to pass.

    There are tons of reasons for all of us to be super careful about motorcyclists, but the key ones are obvious: when it’s car vs. motorcycle, the cycle guy loses every time. And the loss is usually severe-broken bones, severed nerves, brain injuries or even death.

    And if the cyclist is being reckless and causes the accident, the damages are often just as great for the car driver, mentally and physically.

    So if you’ve been struck on a motorcycle by a negligent driver and been hurt-or if you’ve been hurt by a reckless biker-give us a call at Kopfler & Hermann, 1-800-250-4436.  Like us on Facebook at Kopfler & Hermann.