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    Deciding Whether to Settle a Hammond Car Accident Case

    The aftermath of a car wreck can be devastating. You may be dealing with severe injuries, property damage, and mounting medical bills. Often, the at-fault party will offer a settlement amount to compensate your losses to avoid taking a case to trial. While settling is often mutually beneficial, there are also cases where taking a case to court is in your best interests.

    If you are deciding whether to settle a Hammond car accident case, an attorney can help. A knowledgeable vehicle wreck lawyer can assess the facts of your case and advise you on whether a settlement is your best option for recovery. Call today to learn more.

    Reasons to Consider Settling an Auto Collision Case

    The majority of civil cases are settled before going to trial, often before a lawsuit is even filed. There are many reasons that an injured individual may choose to settle their case, including the strength of the evidence that establishes fault and the at-fault party’s ability to pay.

    Laws Surrounding Fault

    Because Hammond is an at-fault jurisdiction, it is imperative to consider the factors that could impact the determination of fault. In an at-fault state, the injured party must prove that:

    • The person who caused the harm is at fault
    • The party seeking damages is free from fault
    • The injuries sustained were caused by the accident

    If there is a lot of ambiguity or a lack of evidence to support any of these elements, a settlement may be in an injured individual’s best interests.

    Insurance Limits

    The ability to pay can be a significant factor in a lot of automobile crash cases. Under state law, the minimum liability limits are $15,000 per individual and $30,000 for the crash. These are the lowest levels of insurance coverage an individual can have and still legally drive. Past these amounts, the at-fault party would be individually liable for damages owed.

    If someone is seriously injured and the at-fault party has limited insurance, it is worth considering how the injured individual would be able to obtain additional damages. This decision varies by case, and a Hammond attorney can help an injured person determine whether settling a car wreck case is the more profitable decision in these instances.

    Potential Risks of Going to Court

    One risk in taking a case to court is the potential for there to be some evidence that would be admissible or would come out during the litigation process that would diminish the value of the case. It is possible for the defense to bring forward evidence not presented in pre-court litigation or settlements, which could be detrimental to a case’s strength in court. Settling before trial avoids this possibility altogether.

    A trial may also be unfavorable for someone in deteriorating or poor health. For example, an elderly person may not wish to drag out a year and a half or two years to get to court with a jury if they have a pending poor health problem. Settling a Hammond auto crash case before a trial avoids a potentially lengthy court battle and allows the injured party to prioritize their well-being.

    Speak with a Lawyer When Deciding Whether to Settle a Hammond Car Accident Case

    Vehicle collision cases are complicated. You could be dealing with physical, emotional, and financial strain because of an accident that you did not cause.

    You deserve fair compensation for your losses after a wreck, whether that be through a settlement or by taking a case to trial. Deciding whether to settle a Hammond car accident case requires a full assessment of your situation’s unique factors. A dedicated lawyer can provide your case with the attention it needs and advise you on your best legal steps. Call today to learn more.