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    Requirements for Expert Witnesses in Houma Car Accidents

    When preparing an injury claim after sustaining injuries in a Houma car accident, you may be thinking about presenting eyewitness accounts of the crash. In some case, an expert witness may be needed to give specific insight into an important detail of the accident. One such expert is an accident reconstruction expert. Oftentimes, these individuals are mechanical engineers who have special training in mathematics and physics. Such experts could prove vital to a car accident injury claim. Learn more about the requirements for expert witnesses in Houma car accidents.

    Types of Expert Witnesses

    There are many different types of expert witnesses. Some types consistent of licensed professionals whereas other types become experts through their years of experience. Each type of expert has

    • Auto reconstruction expert
    • Mechanic
    • Toxicologist
    • Medical
    • Psychological
    • Psychiatric

    For more information about the requirements for expert witnesses in Houma car accidents, individuals should get in contact with practiced attorneys that could help.

    What Are the Minimum Requirements of Experience to be an Expert Witness?

    There are no minimum requirements for expert witnesses in Houma car accidents. Someone may have worked for a local auto dealer as a mechanic and, on an issue involving mechanics, their experience over many years may allow expert status. Other experts in car crash cases are on the damages end. Sometimes biomechanical engineers look at the deformity in the vehicles, listen to the testimony of the witnesses as to the speed and weight of the vehicles, and make a determination whether the forces involved caused a particular injury.

    Other experts may be medical witnesses and psychological witnesses for emotional injuries. If the case involves a permanent injury that affects a person’s ability to earn a living, such as a blue-collar worker with limited education, a vocational rehabilitation expert may be used to render opinion testimony. These experts have training in vocational rehabilitation and are allowed to render an opinion about the residual capacity of the person injured to engage in gainful employment in other occupations.

    How Could an Expert Witness Help Calculate Damages in Houma Car Crash Cases?

    In connection with damages in automobile accidents, economists may assist the court in calculating future economic loss, future loss of earnings, and future impairment of earning capacity. The economist can also reduce future losses to what is known as present value. Another expert in automobile crash litigation is a life care plan expert. These individuals have experience and training to determine what the future medical cost would be for someone injured by the fault of others.

    When there is any kind of permanent injury that affects an individual’s ability to earn money in the future there would be a vocational rehabilitation expert and economist to calculate the earnings loss over a work life expectancy.

    Drunk Driving Cases

    In cases where someone has been charged with a DUI, a toxicologist may be called to be an expert witness in a car accident case. A toxicologist can be a medical doctor or a Ph.D. toxicologist who has studied in toxicology. They have expertise in determining how a certain level of alcohol in someone’s blood system affects their ability to drive a motor vehicle.

    They may also be used in a case where someone was arrested for driving while intoxicated, but the blood alcohol level was read at a later point in time. The toxicologist is able to render an opinion about the process of elimination of alcohol in the system of the intoxicated individual and make a determination or opinion as to what the blood alcohol level was at the time of the crash.

    Getting in Contact with a Houma Domestic Violence Attorney

    For more information regarding the requirements for expert witnesses in Houma car accidents, schedule a consultation with a domestic violence attorney. You may be able to gain valuable insight which could positively impact your injury case. An attorney may be able to take charge of your case and alleviate some of the stresses that come with filing a compensation claim. An attorney will work tirelessly to see that you are awarded the compensation you deserve. Call now to get started.