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    Houma Car Accident Settlements

    Houma car accident settlements involve a number of factors, the first of which determining fault for the incident. Once liability for a crash has been established, the injured party should prepare evidence of the crash itself as well as the injuries it caused. An experienced car accident attorney can help you prepare a strong presentation in order for you to obtain the damages you deserve.

    Establishing Fault for an Injury Settlement

    If somebody is at fault for a car crash, proof of injuries that fault caused must be provided for Houma car accident settlements. If somebody was injured, one must ask whether it can be shown through medical testimony, reports, or records that the injury was caused by the person at fault. The last thing to consider is whether the at-fault party can pay a settlement. In these traffic accidents in which someone has insurance, the insurance company will be responsible for paying for the damages caused by the person at fault. They typically have a contract that will limit how much they have to pay.

    Attorneys gather liability facts, proof of damages, medical records, medical bills, and lost earnings, and they submit these to the insurance company in order to come to a settlement to resolve cases. Sometimes, cases are brought in which the insurance company is not reasonable and does not want to settle for what the case is truly worth. Those cases are often brought to court and a jury makes a determination on the value of the case. Once a case is involved in litigation, the case can still settle short of a jury verdict.

    What to Bring to Car Accident Consultations

    Typically, when someone is involved in a car accident investigated by law enforcement, there often is an exchange of information involving the name and owner of the other vehicle and their insurer. Often, there is be an identification number in connection with a crash report.

    The individual should bring any medical bills that they have incurred as a result of treatment for any injuries, medical records, insurance policies, and photographs of the crash or injuries sustained. Those are basic items of information that should be brought to an initial consultation with a Houma car accident attorney.

    To prepare for Houma car accident settlements, individuals should also bring check stubs for missed work, W2s, income tax returns, and anything that would establish their damages suffered from the car crash.

    How an Attorney Can Help

    If someone brings a claim for a car accident that happened in Houma, nine times out of ten, that case is going to be handled in Houma because local law applies and Louisiana law applies. A local car accident attorney will know the people that serve on juries. Houma attorneys know how to evaluate and put their knowledge to work to gather all the facts involving liability that would affect the car accident settlement. They can assist the individual with collecting the relevant evidence for their deal such as video footage of traffic signals, witness statements, and other proof of the at-fault party. Speak with an attorney about whether Houma car accident settlements are appropriate for your case.

    Speak to an Attorney Today About Houma Car Accident Settlements

    If you are interested in learning more about Houma car accident settlements or are in need of legal guidance here, contact Kopfler & Hermann today to schedule a consultation. Our dedicated attorneys have extensive experience helping injured parties with their car accident claims and we want to help you recover the compensation you deserve for your losses.