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    Houma Crane Accident Lawyer  

    Cranes located on a movable oil rig or offshore platform can malfunction for many reasons, including vibration, defects, and improper loading. Due to the extreme height in which many cranes operate, the risk of injury or death can be significant.

    Anyone who has been injured while in a crane accident should contact a Houma crane accident lawyer to review the accident and their injuries, determine who might be responsible for their injuries, and discuss which course of action might be best for their situation. A seasoned attorney can advise you of your legal options.

    Crane Operators Face Serious Risks

    Cranes are essential in the rigging and movement of large and heavy objects, especially in the oil and gas industry where ships need to be loaded onshore and then unloaded onto offshore platforms. Simply put, it is dangerous work. However, when machinery is not maintained properly or used in ways it was not designed for, accidents can happen and result in serious consequences to everyone in the vicinity.

    Cranes located on crane barges, semi-submersible drilling rigs and lift boats that are susceptible to strong winds and sea conditions, can be especially dangerous as even the slightest error can have serious consequences. Crane operators face the risk of serious injury when crane loads are too large, loads are improperly rigged, or when equipment fails or was defective, including:

    Whether a crane falls, tips over, collapses, or drops cargo, crane operators – and anyone below them – is at risk of serious injury or death. If someone has sustained serious harm due to a machinery or crane malfuntion accident, they should contact a Houma attorney immediately.

    Potential Compensation for Maritime Injuries

    The bottom line is that when accidents happen and crane operators and those who work with them are injured, they still need to provide for themselves and their families. Like workers’ compensation for those who work on land, those who work in maritime and admiralty-related jobs, including crane operators, may be entitled to compensation for lost income and medical bills when they are injured. These sources of compensation include:

    • Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. The Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act (LHWCA) provides disabled longshore and harbor workers with medical coverage, compensation, and vocational rehabilitation services.
    • Jones Act. The Jones Act, also referred to as the Merchant Marine Act, provides certain sailors with compensation when their illness or injury occurred while performing their duties.
    • Unseaworthy Vessel Claim. Unseaworthy vessel claims (also known as vessel negligence claims) provide those who were injured while working on a boat or vessel with compensation if the vessel was not seaworthy or was dangerous.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) specifically regulates crane operations – including training and certification before operation. In many cases, this can affect liability. An experienced Houma crane accident attorney can review the situation, determine liability, and assess what types of compensation may be available and from whom.

    Turn to a Houma Crane Accident Attorney Today

    Anyone who has been injured in Louisiana when working as a crane operator and needs help understanding whether they are entitled to compensation – and where that compensation might come from – should turn to an experienced Houma crane accident lawyer.

    It is always important to keep in mind that there may be other avenues to receiving the compensation you need to provide for your family that are not readily apparent as the laws which govern maritime and admiralty accidents are complex and often seems to overlap.

    This is where having an experienced Houma crane accident lawyer on your side can help the most. To find out more about what types of compensation your injury may qualify for, contact us at Kopfler & Hermann to speak to a crane accident attorney today.